List of Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Schools [ edit ]

The district covers a total of 415 institutions,[1] including:

  • 171 elementary schools
  • 50 middle schools
  • 48 K–8 centers
  • 37 high schools
  • 54 charter schools
  • 23 vocational schools
  • 5 magnet schools
  • 18 alternative schools
  • 5 special education centers

Elementary schools [ edit ]

There are 171 elementary schools serving MDCPS. These schools usually teach grades from Pre-K to 5th or 6th.[2]

Middle schools [ edit ]

There are 58 middle schools serving MDCPS. They usually teach grades 6th to 8th, with exceptions also including 9th grade.[3]

K–8 centers [ edit ]

There are 44 kindergarten-to-8th grade centers (or "academies") serving MDCPS. K–8 centers are generally set up to serve communities with limited building space for two separate campuses. They are run as both an elementary and middle school out of the same campus, with joint administration, staff, and schedules. Middle school-aged students generally have separate buildings dedicated to them. MDCPS provides a full list of the K-8 schools.[4]

High schools [ edit ]

There are 37 high schools serving MDCPS.[5] They teach grades from 9th to 12th. The first high school, Miami Senior High School, opened in 1898.

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