List of Provisional Legislative Council of Hong Kong members

This is a list of Members elected to the Provisional Legislative Council at the 1996, held on 24 March.

Composition [ edit ]

Affiliation Election At dissolution
Liberal Party 10 12
Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) 10 11
Hong Kong Progressive Alliance 6 9
Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (ADPL) 4 4
New Hong Kong Alliance (NHKA) 2 2
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (FTU) 1 1
Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions (FLU) 1 1
Liberal Democratic Federation of Hong Kong (LDF) 3 0
Civil Force 1 0
Independent 22 21
Total 60 60

List of Members elected in the legislative election [ edit ]

The following table is a list of LegCo members elected on 24 March 1996.

Key to changes since legislative election:

a = change in party allegiance
b = by-election
Elected Members Elected Party Remarks
Rita Fan Independent President of the PLC
Wong Siu-yee a LDF
James Tien Liberal
David Chu a LDF
Ho Sai-chu a Independent
Edward Ho Liberal
Raymond Ho Independent
Ng Leung-sing Independent
Ng Ching-fai Independent
Eric Li Independent
David Li Independent
Lee Kai-ming FLU
Allen Lee Liberal
Elsie Tu Independent
Selina Chow Liberal
Peggy Lam Independent
Henry Wu Progressive Alliance
Ngai Shiu-kit Liberal
Henry Tang Liberal
Ronald Joseph Arculli Liberal
Yuen Mo Independent
Ma Fung-kwok Independent
Cheung Hon-chung DAB
Tso Wong Man-yin Progressive Alliance
Leung Chun-ying Independent
Leong Che-hung Independent
Sophie Leung a Independent
Mok Ying-fan ADPL
Hui Yin-fat Independent
Chan Choi-hi Independent
Chan Yuen-han DAB
Chan Wing-chan DAB
Chan Kam-lam DAB
Tsang Yok-sing DAB
Cheng Kai-nam DAB
Frederick Fung ADPL
Andrew Wong Independent
Philip Wong NHKA
Kennedy Wong Independent
Howard Young Liberal
Charles Yeung Progressive Alliance
Yeung Yiu-chung DAB
Ip Kwok-him DAB
Chim Pui-chung Independent
Bruce Liu ADPL
Lau Kong-wah a Civil Force
Lau Wong-fat Liberal
Miriam Lau Liberal
Ambrose Lau Progressive Alliance
Choy Kan-pui Progressive Alliance
Paul Cheng Independent
Cheng Yiu-tong FTU
Tang Siu-tong Progressive Alliance
Timothy Fok Independent
Kan Fook-yee NHKA/FSHK
Ngan Kam-chuen DAB
Lo Suk-ching Independent
Law Cheung-kwok ADPL
Maria Tam b LDF Resigned and replaced by Choy So-yuk
Tam Yiu-chung DAB

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