List of Qing imperial residents in Tibet

Qing dynasty imperial residents in Tibet (Tibetan: བོད་བཞུགས་ཨམ་བན, bod bzhugs am ban, Chinese: 钦差驻藏办事大臣), are ambans appointed from the Qing government to govern Tibet.

The letter from Governor Wenshuo to the Prime Minister of Nepal (wrongly assumed as Jung Bahadur Rana), in 1887

List [ edit ]

The nationalities of several ambans are unknown. Of the 80 ambans, most were Manchu and four were Han Chinese: Zhou Ying, Bao Jinzhong, Meng Bao, and Zhao Erfeng. At least fifteen Mongols were known to have served as ambasa, perhaps more.

(H=Han Chinese,M=Mongol,?=unknown,unmarked=Manchu)

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