List of cathedrals in Estonia

This is a list of cathedrals in Estonia sorted geographically.

Cathedral City Founded Denomination Image Coordinates
St Mary's Cathedral (Dome Church) Tallinn 1240 Evangelical Lutheran Church Estonia - Flickr - Jarvis-30.jpg 59°26′14″N 24°44′20″E  /  59.4371°N 24.7390°E  / 59.4371; 24.7390  (St. Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn)
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn 1900 Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate Alexander-Newski-Kathedrale full pc.jpg 59°26′09″N 24°44′22″E  /  59.4358°N 24.7394°E  / 59.4358; 24.7394  (Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn)
St Peter and St Paul's Cathedral [1] Tallinn 1844 Roman Catholic Church Reval-8425.jpg 59°26′17″N 24°44′56″E  /  59.4381°N 24.7488°E  / 59.4381; 24.7488  (St Peter and St Paul's Cathedral, Tallinn)
St Simeon's and St Anne's Cathedral Church[2] Tallinn 1752 Apostolic Orthodox Church EAOC Church in Tallinn.IMG 4774.JPG 59°26′24″N 24°45′37″E  /  59.4401°N 24.7604°E  / 59.4401; 24.7604  (St Simeon's and St Anne's Cathedral Church, Tallinn)
Tartu Cathedral Tartu 13th

Roman Catholic Church Tartutoomkirik.JPG 58°22′49″N 26°42′54″E  /  58.3802°N 26.7150°E  / 58.3802; 26.7150  (Tartu Cathedral)
The Cathedral of the Dormition of Our Lady

(Uspenski Church)
Tartu 1783 Apostolic Orthodox Church Church in Tartu - panoramio.jpg 58°22′58″N 26°43′20″E  /  58.3827°N 26.7223°E  / 58.3827; 26.7223  (The Cathedral of the Dormition of Our Lady, Tartu)
Alexander's Cathedral Narva 1884 Evangelical Lutheran Church Aleksandri-kirik2.jpg 59°22′14″N 28°12′05″E  /  59.3706°N 28.2014°E  / 59.3706; 28.2014  (Alexander's Cathedral, Narva)
Resurrection of Christ Cathedral Narva 1890 Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate Narva Auferstehungskathedrale 3.JPG 59°22′16″N 28°11′36″E  /  59.3711°N 28.1933°E  / 59.3711; 28.1933  (Resurrection of Christ Cathedral, Narva)
Transformation of Our Lord Cathedral Church[3] Pärnu 1904 Apostolic Orthodox Church Pärnu Issandamuutmise kirik.JPG 58°23′02″N 24°30′22″E  /  58.3840°N 24.5060°E  / 58.3840; 24.5060  (Transformation of Our Lord Cathedral Church, Pärnu)
St Nicholas' Cathedral (Dome Church) [4] Haapsalu 1260 Evangelical Lutheran Church Haapsalu linnuse varemed2.jpg 58°56′50″N 23°32′19″E  /  58.9472°N 23.5386°E  / 58.9472; 23.5386  (Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, Haapsalu)

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