List of cathedrals in Lithuania

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This is the list of cathedrals in Lithuania sorted by denomination.

Roman Catholic [ edit ]

Cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church in Lithuania:[1]

Cathedral City Diocese Coordinates Image
Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Stanislaus and Vladislaus Vilnius Archdiocese of Vilnius 54°41′09″N 25°17′16″E  /  54.68583°N 25.28778°E  / 54.68583; 25.28778  (Vilnius Cathedral) Vilnius Cathedral Exterior 2, Vilnius, Lithuania - Diliff.jpg
Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul Kaunas Archdiocese of Kaunas 54°53′49″N 23°53′20″E  /  54.89694°N 23.88889°E  / 54.89694; 23.88889  (Kaunas Cathedral) Kovno Cathedral.jpg
Cathedral of Christ's Transfiguration Kaišiadorys Diocese of Kaišiadorys 54°51′38″N 24°27′26″E  /  54.86056°N 24.45722°E  / 54.86056; 24.45722  (Kaišiadorys Cathedral) Kaišiadorys cathedal.jpg
Cathedral of Christ the King Panevėžys Diocese of Panevėžys 55°43′22″N 24°21′32″E  /  55.72278°N 24.35889°E  / 55.72278; 24.35889  (Panevėžys Cathedral) BZN Cathedral of King Jesus in Panevezys.jpg
Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul Šiauliai Diocese of Šiauliai 55°56′57″N 23°19′11″E  /  55.94917°N 23.31972°E  / 55.94917; 23.31972  (Šiauliai Cathedral) Šiauliai 03.jpg
Cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua Telšiai Diocese of Telšiai 55°58′56″N 22°14′47″E  /  55.98222°N 22.24639°E  / 55.98222; 22.24639  (Telšiai Cathedral) Telšiai Cathedral Exterior, Telšiai, Lithuania - Diliff.jpg
Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary Vilkaviškis Diocese of Vilkaviškis 54°38′53″N 23°2′13″E  /  54.64806°N 23.03694°E  / 54.64806; 23.03694  (Vilkaviškis Cathedral) Vilkaviškio bažnyčia.JPG
Cathedral of St. Ignatius Vilnius Military Ordinariate of Lithuania 54°40′58″N 25°16′55″E  /  54.68278°N 25.28194°E  / 54.68278; 25.28194  (Cathedral of St. Ignatius) StIgnotasVilnius.jpg

Eastern Orthodox [ edit ]

Cathedrals of the Russian Orthodox Church:

Cathedral City Diocese Coordinates Image
Cathedral of the Theotokos Vilnius Vilnius and Lithuanian Diocese  [ru] 54°40′52″N 25°17′31″E  /  54.68111°N 25.29194°E  / 54.68111; 25.29194  (Cathedral of the Theotokos) Russian Orthodox Church of The Holy Mother of God Vilnius (5990381200).jpg

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