List of diplomatic missions in Chile

Diplomatic missions in Chile

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Chile. There are currently 72 embassies in Santiago, and many countries maintain consulates in other Chilean cities (not including honorary consulates).

Embassies in Santiago [ edit ]

Embassy of Australia in Santiago
Embassy of Brazil in Santiago
Embassy of Russia in Santiago
Embassy of Spain in Santiago
Embassy of the United States in Santiago

Other posts in Santiago [ edit ]

Non-resident embassies [ edit ]

(Resident in Brasília unless otherwise noted)

Consulates [ edit ]

Consulates in Antofagasta [ edit ]

Consulates in Arica [ edit ]

Consulate in Calama [ edit ]

Consulates in Concepción [ edit ]

Consulates in Iquique [ edit ]

Consulates in Punta Arenas [ edit ]

Consulates in Puerto Montt [ edit ]

Consulates in Valparaíso [ edit ]

Former embassies [ edit ]

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