List of islands of Albania

Albania has a total of 13 known islands and islets. The majority of them are small in size with only two being larger than a square kilometer, Sazan and Kunë.

List of islands larger than 1 square kilometres [ edit ]

  National Park or part of a National Park
Name Image Description Location
Sazan Island

Ishulli i Sazanit
Porti i Vlores.jpg The Island of Sazan is the largest island in Albania, strategically located between the Strait of Otranto in the north of the Karaburun Peninsula, forming the border between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea.[1] It has a length of 4.8 km (3.0 mi) and a width of 2.7 km (1.7 mi), with a total area of 5.7 km2 (2.2 sq mi). Due to its climatic, hydrological and geological conditions, Sazan is characterized by its unique vegetation and biodiversity. It has a climate unusual in Albania; it is not mediterranean but rather subtropical on account of its warm winters and hot summers.[citation needed]
Kunë Island

Ishulli i Kunës
Kunë is situated off the Albanian Adriatic coast. It lies in the delta of the Drin river near the city of Lezhë, having a surface of 1.4 square kilometres (0.5 sq mi). It features unique and varied biodiversity, including plants such as small Mediterranean shrubs to ash and willow forests. Fauna is abundant as well; with around 70 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians and 23 species of mammals.

List of islands smaller than 1 square kilometres [ edit ]

  National Park or part of a National Park
Name Image Description Location
Malsori Island

Ishulli i Malësorit
With its area of 40 hectares (99 acres), the island is situated within the Buna river near the city of Shkodër, northern Albania. In Albanian, its name Malësor can be translated "Highlander", so Malësori Island means Highlander Island. Several villages are situated around the island; the nearest of is Darragjat, and is less than 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Shkodër Lake, one of the largest lake in Southern Europe.
Zvërnec Islands

Ishullit të Zvërnecit
The monastery of Zvernec.JPG The Islands of Zvërnec consist of two islands with a total surface of 10 hectares (25 acres), the larger Zvërnec Island 8.7 hectares (21 acres) and small Zvërnec Island with 1.3 hectares (3.2 acres). They are located in the Narta Lagoon, southern Albania. The wooded island is characterized by pine trees and is connected to the mainland by a 207 metres (679 ft) long bridge. It has a length of 430 m (0.27 mi) and a width of 300 m (0.19 mi). Zvërnec is also a main tourist attraction in southern Albania, with it well preserved 13th century Byzantine, Zvërnec Monastery.
Shurdhah Island

Ishulli i Shurdhahit
Medieval church ruins on Shurdhah Island.jpg Shurdhah is located in the Vau i Dejës Reservoir drained by the Drin river in northern Albania, having a surface of 7.5 hectares (19 acres). Ruins of an ancient Roman castle can be found within the island. Today, only the ruins of a medieval church are existing.
Ksamil Islands

Ishuj të Ksamilit
Ksamill-1.jpg The Ksamili Islands are four small islands located in southern Albania, along the Albanian Riviera having a surface area of 9 hectares (22 acres). The islands are remote and can only be accessed by boat. The village of Ksamil, after whom the islands are named, is located to the east of the islands.
Maligrad Island

Ishulli i Maligradit
Liqeni Prespes. Ishulli Mali Gradit. Korce. Albania.jpg The Island of Maligrad is situated within the Lake Prespa, forming a part of the Prespa National Park in eastern Albania. It has a surface area of 5 hectares (12 acres). The island host many caves suitable for wildlife and a circular cliff.[2]
Tongo Island

Ishulli i Tongos
Kepi Stillos -Ishulli Tongos.jpg The small island is located within the Albanian Ionian coast in southern Albania. It is a rocky island, and its waters are rich in aquatic life. The island is situated about 300 metres (984 feet) off the Greek coast. It has a surface area of 2.5 hectares (6.2 acres).[3]
Stillo Island

Ishulli i Stillos
Stillo is a small, rocky and sparsely island located near the Cape of Stillo, Vlorë, southern Albania. During the communist regime, the island was used as a military zone 1992 and access was prohibited.[4] Although not the most southern point of Albania, it consists of the southernmost tip of the entire coastline of Albania. Its total area is 0.7 hectares (1.7 acres), with an approximate length of 80 m (0.050 mi) and a width of 100 m (0.062 mi).
Paqe Island

Ishulli i Paqes
The Islet of Paqe is located within the Koman Lake in northern Albania, near the Albanian Alps and Fierzë. It is found in one of the lake's river canyons. Paqe Island is only 160 m (0.099 mi) long, having a surface of 0.3 hectares (0.74 acres). The islet is small with many trees on top of it. There are many islands within the Fierza Lake as well as in Koman Lake, that are much larger and more stony tectured than Paqe Islands sandy ground.

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