List of islands of Malaysia

This is a list of islands of Malaysia. According to the Department of Survey and Mapping, Malaysia, there are a total of 878 islands in the country. The state of Sabah has the largest number of islands with 394 islands within its waters.[1] Apart from that, Malaysia also has 510 offshore geographical features which include rocks, sandbanks and ridges.[2] In 2015, it was reported that Malaysia still has over 535 unnamed islands, prompting the need for the government to take quick action to prevent neighbouring countries from taking over these islands.[3][4] Most of the islands in the state of Sabah have been given a name, according to a statement from the State Land and Survey Department director.[5]

Major islands [ edit ]

Islands over 250,000 square kilometres

Islands over 200 square kilometres

Disputed islands

Minor islands [ edit ]

Islands below 200 square kilometres

Other island groups, conservation areas, and national parks [ edit ]

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