List of islands of North Macedonia

This is a list of islands of the Republic of North Macedonia. Since the country is landlocked, all its islands are situated in lakes or rivers. The largest island in North Macedonia is Golem Grad in Prespa Lake with an area of 0.18 km2 (0.07 sq mi), and also the only one found in a natural lake (the rest are themselves natural, but situated in artificial lakes).

Lake islands [ edit ]

Debar Lake [ edit ]

Kalimanci Lake [ edit ]

Prespa Lake [ edit ]

Tikveš Lake [ edit ]

River islands [ edit ]

River islands are found mainly in course of the Vardar that stretches from the central to the southern part of the country. Of special note are those found in Valandovo Municipality. (41°11′46″N22°32′14″E / 41.19611°N 22.53722°E / 41.19611; 22.53722 (river isles on the Vardar in Valandovo Municipality)).

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