List of mountain peaks of Maharashtra

Maharashtra has an extensive mountain range running parallel to its 750 km long coastline.[1] This range is geographically part of the Sahyadris or the Western Ghats which forms a crest along the western edge.[2] of the Deccan plateau separating it from the coastal Konkan belt. Throughout its extent it bears some renowned peaks, hill stations and valleys. Parts of the western ghats has been designated as the Hottest Biodiversity Hotspots.

List of mountain peaks [ edit ]

Following is the list of some notable peaks:

(This list is highly inaccurate in terms of ranks)

Rank Photo Name Elevation in meters Mountain Range District Significance
1 Kalasubai from base.jpg Kalsubai [3] 1,646 Kalsubai Range Ahmednagar/ Highest point in Maharashtra.
2 Salher Fort.jpg Salher 1,567 Selbari Range [4] Nasik Highest fort[5] in Sahyadris and the 2nd highest peak in Maharashtra.
3 Gawaldev 1,522 Malsej Range Ahmednagar Peak between Ghanchakkar and Katrabai top
4 Ghanchakkar pleateau from top.jpg Ghanchakkar 1,509 Malsej Range Ahmednagar 4th highest mountain of Maharashtra
5 View of Dhodap from Otur.jpg Dhodap 1472 Satmala Range Nasik 2nd highest peak in Nashik.
6 Kalbhairav pinnacle Scj.jpg Taramati 1,431 Malshej Range Ahmednagar This is one of two peaks on Harishchandragad.
7 ... Kokan Kada viewed from Malshej Ghat (11563404825).jpg Harishchandragad 1,424 Sahyadri Range Ahmednagar A popular trekking destination with ruined fortifications and ancient caves tracing back to the Microlithic age.
7 Goddess Saptashrungi Devi Temple..jpg Saptashrungi 1,416 Satmala Range Nasik It is a site of Hindu pilgrimage.
8 Torna entrance.jpg Torna 1,404 Pune Range[6] Pune It is the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1643.
9 shares 9th position padargad from raigadh district near Karjat height 4490 ft ,1389 m 9 Purandhar fort from Narayanpur Road.JPG Purandar 1,387 Pune Range Pune It is the birthplace of Sambhaji Raje Bhosale son of Shivaji Maharaj.
10 Mangi Tungi twin pinnacle.jpg Mangi-Tungi 1,331 Selbari Range Nasik Only twin-pinnacled peak with plateau in between.
11 Kille Rajgad from Pabe Ghat.jpg Rajgad 1,318 Pune Range Pune Formerly known as Murumdev, it was capital of the Maratha Empire during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years, after which he moved the capital to Raigad.
12 Sinhagad.jpg Sinhagad 1,302 Pune Range Pune Location of the renowned Battle of Sinhagad.
13 Ratangad nedhe.jpg Ratangad 1,297 Malshej Range Ahmednagar 2nd highest peak in Ahmednagar.
14 Bhamhagiri hill Nasik.jpg Brahmagiri 1,295 Trimbakeshwar Range Nasik Site of origin of the sacred Godavari river is near Trimbak.
15 Anjineri fort Nasik.jpg Anjaneri 1,280 Trimbakeshwar Range Nasik According to Hindu scriptures, it is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and thus is named after his mother.
16 Mahabaleshwar Pratapgad 023.jpg Pratapgad 1,080 Satara Range Satara Significant as the site of the Battle of Pratapgad, the fort is now a popular tourist destination.
17 Dawn at Raigad fort.JPG Raigad 820 Pune Range Raigad Served as the capital to former Maratha Kingdom ruler Shivaji Maharaj in 1674.
18 Wilson Point, Mahableshwar 1425 Satara Range Satara Tourist attraction for Cool environment in summer days.

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