List of political parties in Lebanon

Lebanon has numerous political parties, usually with sectarian character. Since 2005, and after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, the political scene has become very polarized, with most major political parties and movements becoming part of one of two big rival alliances, the March 8 Alliance and the March 14 Alliance. Since the election of Michel Aoun as President in 2016 and the formation of a new Government headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the 14th of March movement has lost momentum and the political scene has evolved into a coalition of Governing Parties under the control of Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, the Lebanese Forces, the Amal Movement and the Future Movement. Opposition, namely sides that were against the election of Michel Aoun as president in the 2016 elections, consisted of traditional parties such as the Kataeb party, the National Liberal Party, and Achraf Rifi’s movement. Since then, the political scene has been witnessing the emergence of new non-sectarian political groups such as Lihaqqi and Citizens in a State, in addition to many civil society groups who were loosely allied during the last parliamentary elections. They share a common goal to replace what they consider a failed political model that was introduced following the end of the civil war leading to the 2020 economic crisis.

Lebanon’s unique experiment of a Sectarian Democracy trying to blend democratic principles and religious allocation of roles and functions together with 18 religious laws being applied to citizens’ personal status, in contradiction with the fundamental principles of democracy, the sovereignty of the people and equality of rights between the citizens has led to the sectarian division of the Lebanese people by law, to politically weak institutions, a divided nation and the chain of historical events such as the 1958 crisis and the 1975 civil war, Palestinian militant attacks against Israel from Lebanese territory, occupation of Lebanon by Syrian forces in 1976 and by Israeli forces in 1982 and the actual presence of weapons in the hands of Hezbollah outside the control of the Lebanese Government. Article 24 of the Constitution assigns half the seats in the national's legislature, the Chamber of Deputies, to Christians and the other half to Muslims.[1]

However after the 2018 parliamentary elections, the political power in Lebanon shifted dramatically, with the Free Patriotic Movement leading in the number of seats in the Parliament and the Future Movement losing almost half of its seats. The Lebanese Forces almost doubled their seats in the Parliament.

Parties [ edit ]

Although most parties maintain that they are secular, the major political parties in Lebanon are loosely representative of a certain faith community. In 2005, the political scene became strongly polarized with most active political parties belonging to either the 8th and 14 March alliances. Since then, this division has become less and less significant as coalition governments became the norm. The following list places political parties within the two alliances.

Name (English) Name (Arabic) Acronym Leader or Chairman Number of MPs in October 2019 Political position Sect or ethnic group

March 8 Alliance [ edit ]

Free Patriotic Movement At-Tayyar al-Watani al-


التيار الوطني الحرّ

FPM Gebran Bassil 24 Centrist

Liberal democracy
Officially secular

Traditionally Christian
Amal Movement Harakat Amal

Full name: Afwaj al-Muqāwama al-Lubnāniyya

حركة أمل

[أفواج المقاومة اللبنانية]
Amal أمل Nabih Berri 16 Conservatism Shiite Muslim
Hezbollah Hizbullah

حزب الله
HA al Sayed Hassan Nasrallah 13 Shia Islamist Shiite Muslim
Marada Movement Tayyar Al-Marada

تيار المردة
MM Suleiman Frangieh, Jr. 3 Liberalism Mainly Maronite Christian
Syrian Social Nationalist Party Al-Hizb al-Suri al-Qawmi al-Ijtima'i

الحزب السوري القومي الإجتماعي
SSNP Ali Qanso 3 Syrian nationalism

Left-wing nationalism
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Tashnag

حزب الطاشناق

الإتحاد الثوري الأرمني (طاشناكتسوتيون)

Հայ Յեղափոխական Դաշնակցութիւն (ՀՅԴ)
Hagop Pakradounian 3 Social democracy

Armenian nationalism
Secular, mainly Armenian
Dignity Movement Tayar al-Karama

تيار الكرامة
DM Faisal Karami 2 Feudalism Sunni Muslim
Lebanese Democratic Party Al-Hizb al-Dimoqrati al-Lubnāni

الحزب الديمقراطي اللبناني
LDP Prince Talal Arslan 1 Conservatism Officially Secular, mainly Druze
Union Party

حزب الإتحاد
Hizb al-Ittihad

حزب الإتحاد
UP Abdelrahim Mrad 1 Nasserism Officially Secular, Mainly Sunni Muslim
Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party Hizb Al-Ba'ath Al-Arabi Al-Ishtiraki fi Lubnan

حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي في لبنان

Assem Qanso 1 Socialism

Arab Nationalism
Popular Nasserite Organization Al-Tanzim al-Shaabi al-Nassiri

التنظيم الشعبي الناصري
NPO Ossama Saad 1 Nasserism


Arab nationalism
Sunni Muslim
Islamic Charitable Projects Association Jam'iyat





ICPA Abdallah al-Harari 1 Sunni Muslim
Arab Democratic Party Al-Hizb al-Arabi al-Dimoqraty

الحزب العربي الدمقراطي
ADP Ali Eid None Arab Nationalism

Arab Socialism
Alawite Muslim
Movement of Independent Nasserites - al-Murabitoun Harakat


al-Mustakilleen -

Al Mourabitoon

حركة الناصريين المستقلين - المرابطون
INM Ibrahim Kulaylat None Nasserism

Arab Nationalism
Mainly Sunni Muslim

Some Shiite and Druze support
Worker's League Rabitat Al-Shaghila

رابطة الشغيلة
WL Zaher Khatib None Communist

Arab Nationalism
Solidarity Party Hizb at-Tadamon

حزب التضامن
Tadamon Emile Rahme None - Christian
Popular Bloc or Skaff Bloc At-Takattol al-Shaa'bi

التكتّل الشعبي
- Elias Skaff None Feudalism Greek Catholic Christian
People's Movement Harakat Al-Shaab

حركة الشعب
SHAAB Najah Wakim (Founder)

Ibrahim al-Halabi

None Nasserism


Arab Nationalism
Lebanese Republican Party Al-Hizb al-Jumhury al-lubnāni

الحزب الجمهوري اللبناني
PRL حجل Imad Jaara (Geara) None Liberal Secular

Christian Democratic Party Al-Hizb al-Massihi al-Dimoqrati

الحزب المسيحي الدمقراطي
CDP Neemtallah Abi Nasr None - Christian
Nasserite Unification movement Al-Haraka al-Tawhidiyya an-Nassiriyya

الحركة التوحيدية الناصرية
NUM - None Nasserism Secular
Islamic Labor Front Jebhat al-Aamal al-Islamy

جبهة العمل الإسلامي
- Fathi Yakan None Islamism Sunni Muslim
Lebanese Unification Movement Tayyar at-Tawhid al-Lubnany

تيار النوحيد اللبناني
UC Wiam Wahhab None Arab Nationalism Officially Secular

Druze support
Lebanese Popular Congress Al-Mo'tamar al-Shaabi al-Lubnany

المؤتمر الشعبي اللبناني
LPC Kamal Chatilla None Nasserism Sunni Muslim
Promise Party or

National Secular Democratic Party
Hizb Al-Waad

حزب الوعد
NSDP Gina Hobeika None Secularism Officially secular

Mainly Maronite Christian support
Federation of Popular Leagues and Committees Tajamo' Al-Lijan wal Rawabit al-Shaabiya

تجمع اللجان والروابط الشعبية
FPLC Maan Bashour None Nasserism

Arabic Nationalism
Officially Secular

Mainly Sunni Muslim support
Socialist Arab Union Al-Ittihad al-Ishtiraki al-Arabi

الإتحاد الإشتراكي العربي
SAU Omar Harb None Socialist Secular
Union of Muslim Ulama Tajamo' al-Ulamaa' al-Muslimin تجمع العلماء المسلمين UMU - None Islamist

(Party status disputed)

All Muslim sects
Democratic Nasserite Movement Harakat al-Nassiriyin al-Dimocratiyoon

حركة الناصريين الدمقراطيون
DNM - None Nasserism Sunni Muslim
Lebanese Arab Struggle Movement Harakat an-Nidal al-Arabi al-Lubnani

حركة النضال العربي اللبناني
LASM Faysal Dawood None Arabism Officially Secular

Mainly Druze support
Alawite Youth Movement Harakat Al-Shabab Al-Alawi

حركة الشباب العلوي
AYM Rifaat Eid None Extension of the Arab Democratic Party Alawite Muslim
Lebanese Democratic Youth Union Ittihad al-Shabab al-Dimoqraty al-Lubnany

إتحاد الشباب الدمقراطي اللبناني
UJDL - None, affiliated to the Lebanese Communist Party Communist Secular
Islamic Unification Movement Harakat Al-Tawhid Al-Islamy

حركة التوحيد الإسلامي
IUM Said Shaaban None Islamism Sunni Muslim
Akkar Popular Assembly At-Tajamo' al-Shaabi al-Aakari

التجمّع الشعبي العكاري
- Wajih Baarini None Feudalism Sunni Muslim
National Youth Party Hizb al-Shabab al-Watani

حزب الشباب الوطني
- Ahmad Karami None - Secular

March 14 Alliance [ edit ]

Future Movement Tayyar Al Mustaqbal

تيار المستقبل
FM Saad Hariri 20 Conservative liberalism,

Lebanese nationalism,

Economic liberalism
Officially secular

Mainly Sunni support
Lebanese Forces al-Quwat al-Lubnāniyya

القوات اللبنانية
LF Samir Geagea 15 Lebanese Christian nationalism Officially secular

Mainly Christians support
Progressive Socialist Party Hizb al-Taqadummi al-Ishtiraki

الحزب التقدمي الإشتراكي
PSP Walid Jumblatt 7 Democratic socialism

Social democracy
Officially secular

Mainly Druze support
Kataeb Party

(Lebanese Phalange Party)
al-Kataeb al-Lubnāniyya

حزب الكتائب اللبنانية
Kataeb Samy Gemayel 3 Lebanese nationalism,

Christian democracy,

Social conservatism,


Officially secular

Mainly Maronite Christian support
Independence Movement Harakat Al-Istiklal

حركة الإسنقلال
Al Haraka Nayla Moawad, Michel Moawad, Jawad Boulos and Youssef El Douaihy 1, part of Qornet Shehwan Gathering Lebanese nationalism Officially secular

Mainly Maronite Christian support
National Liberal Party Hizb al-Wataniyyin al-Ahrar

حزب الوطنيين الأحرار
NLP Dory Chamoun None, part of Qornet Shehwan Gathering Liberalism Maronite Christian
Social Democrat Hunchakian Party Hizb al-Henchag

حزب الهنشاق

(حزب الهنشاق الديمقراطي الإجتماعي)
Henchag (SDHP)

Սոցիալ Դեմոկրատ Հնչակեան Կուսակցութիւն (ՍԴՀԿ)
- None Democratic socialism

Social democracy
Armenian Secular
Islamic Group Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya

الجماعة الإسلامية
JI Azzam Al-Ayoubi None Islamist Sunni Muslim
Democratic Left Harakat Al-Yassar ll-Dimoqrati

حركة اليسار الديمقراطي
DL Elias Attallah None Left-wing Secular
Democratic Renewal Harakat al-Tajaddod al-Dimoqrati

حركة التجدد الدمقراطي
DRM Nassib Lahoud (Founder)

Farouk Jabre

None Reformism Secular
Armenian Democratic Liberal Party - Ramgavar Hizb al-Ramgavar

حزب الرمغفار

(الحزب الديمقراطي الليبرالي الأرمني)
Ramgavar (ADL)

Ռամկավար Ազատական Կուսակցութիւն (ՌԱԿ)
Hagop Kassardjian None Liberalism Armenian Secular
Free Lebanese Armenian Movement Harakit Al-Lubnaniyin Al-Arman Al-Ahrar

حركة اللبنانيين الأرمن الأحرار
FLAM - None Liberalism Armenian-Secular
Free Shiite Movement Tayyar el-Shi'i el-Horr

التيار الشيعي الحرّ
TSH Mohammad Al Hajj Hassan None Islamism Shiite Muslim
Lebanese Peace Party Hizb as-Salām al-Lubnāny

حزب السلام اللبناني
LPP Roger Edde None Centrism


Big tent [2]

Muahedeen Group Jamaat AL-Muahedeen

جماعة الموحدين
JM Khaled Alhassanieh None Tawhid Mainly Druze
Syriac Union Party Hizb al Ittihad al Siryāni

حزب الاتحاد السرياني
SUP Ibrahim Mrad None Syriac Christian interests Mainly Syriac Christian support
Shuraya Party Hizb Al-Shurāya

None Assyrianism Assyrian

Other parties in Lebanon [ edit ]

Lihaqqi Lihaqqi

لِ حقي
LIHAQQI Collective Leadership None Left-libertarianism

Grassroots Democracy Direct Democracy Economic Democracy Radical Democracy

Azm Movement Tayar al-Azm

تيار العزم
TA Najib Mikati 4 Centrist Mainly Sunni Muslim support
National Dialogue Party Hizb Al-Hiwar Al-Watani

حزب الحوار الوطني
NDP Fouad Makhzoumi 1 Liberalism Officially Secular

Mainly Sunni Muslim support
Lebanese National Bloc Hizb al-Kitla al-Wataniya

حزب الكتلة الوطنية
NB Salam Yamout None Centrist;

Lebanese nationalism


Historically Maronite Christian
Lebanese Communist Party Al-Hizb al-Shooyoo'i al-Lubnāny

الحزب الشيوعي اللبناني
LCP Hanna Gharib None Communism Secular
Citizens in a State Mouwatinoun wa Mouwatinat fi Dawla

مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة
MMFD Charbel Nahas None Leftist Secular
Sabaa Party Hezb Sabaa

حزب سبعة

V Ghada Eid None Centrist Secular
Green Party of Lebanon Hezb al Khodor al-Lubnani

حزب الخضر اللبناني
GPL Philip Skaf None Green politics



Party of Lebanon

Hezb Loubnan

حزب لبنان
POL Jacques Machaalani None For a true secular democracy and full equality of rights of the citizens Secular
KAFEH! Movement حركة كافح! (كوادر أناركية فاعلة حرة) None Anarchism Secular
Taghyir Movement Haraket El Taghyir Elie Mahfoud Mahfoud None Nationalism Officially Secular

Mainly representing Lebanese abroad
Hizb ut-Tahrir Hizb ut-Tahrir

حزب التحرير
HT Ata Abu Rashta None Officially Islamism Officially Islamic

Mainly Sunni support
Socialist Arab Lebanon Vanguard Party Hizb Al-Taliyeh Lubnan Al-'Arabi Al-Ishtiraki

حزب طليعة لبنان العربي الاشتراكي
Abd al-Majid Rafei None Ba'athism, Lebanese branch of the Iraqi Ba'ath party Secular
The Phoenician Party

(Lebanese Phoenician Party)

The Phoenician Party


Antonios Abidaoud None Phoenicianism Secular

Mainly Maronite support
United Lebanese League Itihad al-Rabitat al-Lubnanyieh

اتحاد الرابطات اللبنانية
ULL Rabih Chafi None Nationalism Secular

Mainly representing Lebanese abroad
Movement of Lebanese Nationalism; also known as Guardians of the Cedars Xaraqit L Cawmiyye L Lebnaaniyye

حركة القومية اللبنانية
XCL ( Elie Hawi None Nationalism Secular

Traditionally Christian
Aramean Democratic Organisation At-Tanzim al-Arami al-Dimoqraty

التنظيم الآرامي الديمقراطي
ArDO Gabi Gallo None Nationalism


Right-wing politics
Aramean Christians
Democratic Socialist Party Hizb Al-Ishtiraki Al-Dimoqraty الحزب الإشتراكي الديمقراطي DSPL Kamel Asaad None Socialism Secular

Mainly Shiite Muslim support
Phoenician Party Phoenician Party

PHP Wael Assaf None Phoenician Secular Secular

Mainly Maronite support
Islamic Gathering Movement Harakat at-Tajammo' al-Islamy

حركة التجمّع الإسلامي
- - None Islamic Sunni Muslim
Lebanese Democratic Movement Tayyar Lubnan al-Dimoqraty

تيار لبنان الديمقراطي
- Jack Tamer None Social democracy Secular
Lebanese Movement Harakat Lubnan

حركة لبنان
- Nabil Mshantaf None - -
Lebanese Option Gathering Tayyar al-Intimaa' al-Lubnani

تيار الإنتماء اللبناني
LOG Ahmad al-Asaad None Liberalism Secular

Mainly Shiite Muslim support
Lebanese People's Front Jabhat al-Shaab al-Lubnany

جبهة الشعب اللبناني
- Joseph Haddad None - -
Liberty Front

(also Lebanese Forces Resistance; Lebanese Christian Resistance)

Jabhat al Horriya

جبهة الحرية
- Fouad Abou Nader None Center-right politics secular; Traditionally Christian support
Al-Hizb al-Jumhury al-Mustakel Independent Republican Party

الحزب الجمهوري المستقل
Founder Khaled Al-Hassanieh None Center right Mainly Druze support
Najjadeh Party Hizb Al-Nejjadeh

حزب النجادة
Mustapha Hakim None Arab Nationalism Sunni Muslim
National Progressive Movement Harakat al-Taqaddom al-Watani

حركة التقدّم الوطني
- -

(Founder was Jamil Lahoud, Émile Lahoud's father)

None - Secular
The United Phoenician Party

(also International Lebanese United Phoenician Party)

United Phoenician Party


Cadmus Hanna None Phoenician Nationalism Secular, primarily Maronites
National Labor Movement Hizb al-Aamal al-Watani

حزب العمل اللبناني
- - None Communism Secular
Islamic Jihad Movement (Lebanon) Harakat al-Jihad al-Islamy

حركة الجهاد الإسلامي
- - None Islamism Sunni Muslim
New Lebanese Movement Harakat



حركة اللبنانيين الجدد
Danny Abdel Khalek None Secularism Secular
The Independents [citation needed] Al-Mustakiloon

- - None - Secular
Republican Reform Party Al-Hizb al-Islahi al-Jumhuri

الحزب الإصلاحي الجمهوري
- Charles Chidiac None Liberalism Secular
Arab Socialist Party Al-Hizb al-Arabi al-Ishtiraki

الحزب العربي الإشتراكي
- - None Socialism Secular
Lebanese Labor Party Hizb al-Aamal al-Lubnany

حزب العمل اللبناني
- - None communism Secular
Democratic Labor Party Al-Hizb al-'Ommali al-Dimoqraty

الحزب العمّالي الديمقراطي
- Elias Abu Rizk None socialism Secular
Democratic Secular Party Al-Hizb al-'Ilmani al-Dimoqraty

الحزب العلماني الديمقراطي
- - None secularism Secular
Lebanese Ecology Party Hizb al-Bi'a al-Lubnany

حزب البيئة اللبناني
- Habib Maalouf None ecology Secular
Popular Democratic Party Al-Hizb al-Shaabi al-Dimoqraty

الحزب الشعبي الديمقراطي
- - None - Secular
Party of Socialist Revolution Hizb al-Thawra al-Ishtirakiyya

حزب الثورة الإشتراكية
- - None Maoist Communism Secular
Free Alternative Al Badil Al Taharouri

البديل التحرّري
- - None Anarchism Secular
National Party Al-Hizb al-Watani

الحزب الوطني
- - None - Secular
Lebanese Arab Movement Harakat Lubnan al-Arabi

حركة لبنان العربي
- - None Nasserism Sunni Muslim
Lebanese National League Al-Rabita al-Wataniya al-Lubnaniyya

الرابطة الوطنية اللبنانية
- Wajeb Kanso None Left-wing Secular
Lebanese Resistance Brigades Saraya al-Moqawama al-Lubnaniyya

سرايا المقاومة اللبنانية
- - None

(extension of Hezbollah)

- Secular
Nasserite Nationalist Organisation At-Tanzim al-Qawmi an-Nassiri

التنظيم القومي الناصري
- - None Nasserism; Arab Nationalism Secular
Justice and Development movement Tayyar el 'Adel wal Tanmiya

تيار العدل والتنمية
- - None - Secular
Cedars Movement Tayyar al-Arz

تيار الأرز
- - None - Secular
Organization of Communist Action Moonazzamat al-'Amal al-Shuyoo'i

منظمة العمل الشيوعي
Ibrahim Muhsen Ibrahim Muhsen None Communism; Arab Nationalism Secular
Revolutionary Communist Group At-Tajamo' Al-Shuyoo'i Al-Thawri

التجمّع الشيوعي الثوري
- Camil Dagher None Communism; Trotskyism Secular
Leftist Assembly for Change At-Tajamo' Al-Yasari Min Ajli Al Taghyeer

التجمّع اليساري من اجل التغيير
TYMAT - None Revolutionary Socialism; Trotskyism; Leninism Secular
Civil society Movement Tayyar al-Mojtama' al-Madani

تيار المجتمع المدني
- Gregoire Haddad None Secularism Secular
Southern Christian Assembly At-Tajamo' al-Massihi al-Janoubi

التجمع المسيحي الجنوبي
- JeanPaul El Hage None Christian conservatism Christian
Kurdish Democratic Party Al-Hizb Al-Kurdi Al-Dimoqraty

الحزب الكردي الديمقراطي
- Riyad Mihhu None - Kurdish
Razkari Party Hizb Razkari

حزب رزكاري
- Mahmoud Khodr Fattah Ahmad None - Kurdish
Lebanese secular movement[citation needed] Al-haraka Al-3oulmaniyya Al-loubnaniyya

الحركة العلمانية اللبنانية
LSM Jad Moukarzel None Secularism Secular
Guardians of the Cedars Hizb Horras al-Arz

حزب حرّاس الأرز
- Etienne Sakr None Phoenician Nationalism, conservatism, far-right Multiconfessional, but mainly Maronite Christian
Regressive Isolationist Party [citation needed] Al-Hizb Al-Raj'i Al-I'tizali

الحزب الرجعي الإعتزالي
- - None - -
Islamic Amal Movement Harakat Amal Al-Islamiya

حركة أمل الإسلامية
- Sobhi Toufaily None Islamism Shi'a Muslim

Defunct parties [ edit ]

Lebanese Resistance Movement (Tanzim) Harakat al-Moqawama al-Lubnaniya (Tanzim)

حركة المقاومة اللبنانية - التنظيم
- - The Party disappeared after its militias disbanding Christian Conservatism Maronite Christian
Lebanese Youth Movement (MKG) Harakat al-Shabab al-Lubnaniya

حركة الشباب اللبنانية
- Bachir Maroun - Christian Conservatism Maronite Christian
Constitutional Bloc Party Hizb al-Kutla al-Doostooriya

حزب الكتلة الدستورية
- Khalil El-Khoury Mainly created by Pr. Bechara El Khoury to oppose Emile Edde's National Bloc during the post-independence period Feudalism Secular
The Great Lebanese Labor Party Al-Hizb al-'Ommali al-Lubnany al-Kabir

الحزب العمالي اللبناني الكبير
- - This party existed during the French Mandate of Lebanon Communism Secular
Deprived Movement Harakat al-Mahroomin

حركة المحرومين
- Musa al-Sadr Ancestor of Amal - Secular
Arab Nationalists Movement Harakat al-Qawmiyyin al-'Arab

حركة القوميين العرب
- - Split, most merged into the Arab Socialist Action Party – Lebanon Arab nationalism -
Social Democratic Youth Al-Shabab al-Ijtimai al-Dimoqraty

الشباب الإجتماعي الديمقراطي
- Committee of 21 members Non-official party founded in 2002 by activist Claude F. for a non hereditary sectarian Lebanon and socialist approach Social, Democratic Secular, mainly Shiite

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References [ edit ]

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