List of popes (graphical)

Plaque commemorating popes buried in St Peter's Basilica

This is a graphical list of the popes of the Catholic Church.

While the term pope (Latin: Papa, 'Father') is used in several churches to denote their high spiritual leaders, in English usage, this title generally refers to the supreme head of the Catholic Church and of the Holy See. The title itself has been used officially by the head of the Church since the tenure of Pope Siricius.

There have been 266 popes, as listed by the Annuario Pontificio (Pontifical Yearbook) under the heading 'I Sommi Pontefici Romani' (The Supreme Pontiffs of Rome). Some sources quote a number of 267, with the inclusion of Stephen II, who died four days after his election but before his episcopal consecration. However, only 264 (or 265) men have occupied the chair of Saint Peter, as Benedict IX held the office thrice on separate occasions in the mid–11th century.

The pope bears the titles

Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the Vatican City State, Servant of the Servants of God

and is officially styled 'His Holiness'.

Since the Lateran Treaty of 1929, the pope's temporal title has been Sovereign of the Vatican City State.

Graphical depictions of papal reigns [ edit ]

Antipopes are shown in red.

until 250 [ edit ]

Pope Fabian Pope Anterus Pope Pontian Pope Urban I Antipope Hippolytus Pope Callixtus I Pope Zephyrinus Pope Victor I Pope Eleuterus Pope Soter Pope Anicetus Pope Pius I Pope Hyginus Pope Telesphorus Pope Sixtus I Pope Alexander I Pope Evaristus Pope Clement I Pope Anacletus Pope Linus Saint Peter

251–514 [ edit ]

Antipope Laurentius Pope Symmachus Pope Anastasius II Pope Gelasius I Pope Felix III Pope Simplicius Pope Hilarius Pope Leo I Pope Sixtus III Pope Celestine I Antipope Eulalius Pope Boniface I Pope Zosimus Pope Innocent I Pope Anastasius I Pope Siricius Antipope Ursicinus Pope Damasus I Antipope Felix II Pope Liberius Pope Julius I Pope Mark Pope Sylvester I Pope Miltiades Pope Eusebius Pope Marcellus I Pope Marcellinus Pope Caius Pope Eutychian Pope Felix I Pope Dionysius Pope Sixtus II Pope Stephen I Pope Lucius I Novatian Pope Cornelius

514–752 [ edit ]

Pope Zachary Pope Gregory III Pope Gregory II Pope Constantine Pope Sisinnius Pope John VII Pope John VI Antipope Paschal Antipope Theodore Pope Sergius I Pope Conon Pope John V Pope Benedict II Pope Leo II Pope Agatho Pope Donus Pope Adeodatus II Pope Vitalian Pope Eugene I Pope Martin I Pope Theodore I Pope John IV Pope Severinus Pope Honorius I Pope Boniface V Pope Adeodatus I Pope Boniface IV Pope Boniface III Pope Sabinian Pope Gregory I Pope Pelagius II Pope Benedict I Pope John III Pope Pelagius I Pope Vigilius Pope Silverius Pope Agapetus I Pope John II Antipope Dioscorus Pope Boniface II Pope Felix IV Pope John I Pope Hormisdas

752–1003 [ edit ]

Pope Sylvester II Antipope John XVI Pope Gregory V Pope John XV Pope John XIV Pope Benedict VII Antipope Boniface VII Pope Benedict VI Pope John XIII Pope Benedict V Pope Leo VIII Pope John XII Pope Agapetus II Pope Marinus II Pope Stephen VIII Pope Leo VII Pope John XI Pope Stephen VII Pope Leo VI Pope John X Pope Lando Pope Anastasius III Pope Sergius III Antipope Christopher Pope Leo V Pope Benedict IV Pope John IX Pope Theodore II Pope Romanus Pope Stephen VI Pope Boniface VI Pope Formosus Pope Stephen V Pope Adrian III Pope Marinus I Pope John VIII Pope Adrian II Pope Nicholas I Antipope Anastasius III Pope Benedict III Pope Leo IV Antipope John VIII Pope Sergius II Pope Gregory IV Pope Valentine Pope Eugene II Pope Paschal I Pope Stephen IV Pope Leo III Pope Adrian I Pope Stephen III Antipope Philip Antipope Constantine II Pope Paul I Pope Stephen II Pope-elect Stephen

1003–1254 [ edit ]

Pope Innocent IV Pope Celestine IV Pope Gregory IX Pope Honorius III Pope Innocent III Pope Celestine III Pope Clement III Pope Gregory VIII Pope Urban III Pope Lucius III Antipope Innocent III Antipope Callixtus III Antipope Paschal III Antipope Victor IV (1159–1164) Pope Alexander III Pope Adrian IV Pope Anastasius IV Pope Eugene III Pope Lucius II Pope Celestine II Antipope Victor IV (1138) Antipope Anacletus II Pope Innocent II Antipope Celestine II Pope Honorius II Pope Callixtus II Antipope Gregory VIII Pope Gelasius II Antipope Sylvester IV Antipope Adalbert Antipope Theodoric Pope Paschal II Pope Urban II Pope Victor III Antipope Clement III Pope Gregory VII Antipope Honorius II Pope Alexander II Antipope Benedict X Pope Nicholas II Pope Stephen IX Pope Victor II Pope Leo IX Pope Damasus II Pope Clement II Pope Gregory VI Pope Sylvester III Pope Benedict IX Pope John XIX Antipope Gregory VI Pope Benedict VIII Pope Sergius IV Pope John XVIII Pope John XVII

1254–1503 [ edit ]

Pope Alexander VI Pope Innocent VIII Pope Sixtus IV Pope Paul II Pope Pius II Pope Callixtus III Pope Nicholas V Antipope Felix V Pope Eugene IV Antipope Benedict XIV Antipope Benedict XIV Pope Martin V Antipope John XXIII Antipope Alexander V Pope Gregory XII Pope Innocent VII Antipope Benedict XIII Pope Boniface IX Antipope Clement VII Pope Urban VI Pope Gregory XI Pope Urban V Pope Innocent VI Pope Clement VI Pope Benedict XII Antipope Nicholas V Pope John XXII Pope Clement V Pope Benedict XI Pope Boniface VIII Pope Celestine V Pope Nicholas IV Pope Honorius IV Pope Martin IV Pope Nicholas III Pope John XXI Pope Adrian V Pope Innocent V Pope Gregory X Pope Clement IV Pope Urban IV Pope Alexander IV

1503–1758 [ edit ]

Pope Benedict XIV Pope Clement XII Pope Benedict XIII Pope Innocent XIII Pope Clement XI Pope Innocent XII Pope Alexander VIII Pope Innocent XI Pope Clement X Pope Clement IX Pope Alexander VII Pope Innocent X Pope Urban VIII Pope Gregory XV Pope Paul V Pope Leo XI Pope Clement VIII Pope Innocent IX Pope Gregory XIV Pope Urban VII Pope Sixtus V Pope Gregory XIII Pope Pius V Pope Pius IV Pope Paul IV Pope Marcellus II Pope Julius III Pope Paul III Pope Clement VII Pope Adrian VI Pope Leo X Pope Julius II Pope Pius III

since 1758 [ edit ]

Pope Francis Pope Benedict XVI Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul I Pope Paul VI Pope John XXIII Pope Pius XII Pope Pius XI Pope Benedict XV Pope Pius X Pope Leo XIII Pope Pius IX Pope Gregory XVI Pope Pius VIII Pope Leo XII Pope Pius VII Pope Pius VI Pope Clement XIV Pope Clement XIII

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