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The iconic nature of Elvis Presley in music and popular culture has often made him a subject of, or a touchstone in, numerous songs, both in America and throughout the world. A few of Presley's own songs became huge hits in certain regions of the world, in versions whose translation into the required language bore little or no resemblance to the original lyrics. For instance, "Good Rocking tonight", which Presley made famous throughout the world, became "La voix d'Elvis", a story about how his voice and music inspired a generation of French youngsters to rebel against French colonialism in Algeria. Likewise, "King Creole", the title song to his fourth film (a reference to the name of a nightclub, in the movie), when translated into Spanish by Los Teen Tops, became "Rey del Rock", with lyrics which, irrespective that his name was not actually mentioned, went on to explain, in detail, why Presley was given the title of "King of Rock".

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