List of universities and colleges in Shanghai

This is a list of universities and colleges in Shanghai.

Notation [ edit ]

The following notation is used:

  • National (Direct): Directly administered by the ChineseMinistry of Education (MOE)
  • National (Other): Administered by other ministries
  • Ω (National Key Universities): Universities with high regards from the MOE and the Chinese government
  • Provincial: Public university administered by the province (or the autonomous region)
  • Municipal: Public university administered by the municipality
  • Private: Privately owned and funded university, or independent institution
  • Mainland-HMT: Mainland China-Hong Kong or Macao or Taiwan joint venture university
  • Sino-foreign: Sino-foreign joint venture university

The default list should follow the neutral order provided by MOE, namely the numerical order of identification codes.

Note: The list is arranged in the default order followed the one provided by MOE

Name Chinese name Type Note
Fudan University 复旦大学 National (Direct) Ω
Tongji University 同济大学 National (Direct) Ω
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 上海交通大学 National (Direct) Ω
East China University of Science and Technology 华东理工大学 National (Direct) Ω
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 上海理工大学 Municipal
Shanghai Maritime University 上海海事大学 Municipal
Donghua University 东华大学 National (Direct) Ω
Shanghai Institute of Technology 上海应用技术学院 Municipal
Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences 上海健康医学院 Municipal
Shanghai Ocean University 上海海洋大学 Municipal
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 上海中医药大学 Municipal
East China Normal University 华东师范大学 National (Direct) Ω
Shanghai Normal University 上海师范大学 Municipal
Shanghai International Studies University 上海外国语大学 National (Direct) Ω
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 上海财经大学 National (Direct) Ω
Shanghai University of International Business and Economics 上海对外经贸大学 Municipal
Shanghai Customs College 上海海关学院 National (other)
East China University of Political Science and Law 华东政法大学 Municipal
Shanghai University of Sport 上海体育学院 Municipal
Shanghai Conservatory of Music 上海音乐学院 Municipal
Shanghai Theatre Academy 上海戏剧学院 Municipal
Shanghai University 上海大学 Municipal
Shanghai University of Engineering Science 上海工程技术大学 Municipal
Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance 上海立信会计金融学院 Municipal
Shanghai Dianji University 上海电机大学 Municipal
Sanda University 上海杉达学院 Private
Shanghai University of Political Science and Law 上海政法学院 Municipal
Shanghai Second Polytechnic University 上海第二工业大学 Municipal
Shanghai Business School 上海商学院 Municipal
Shanghai Jian Qiao University 上海建桥学院 Private
Xing Wei College 上海兴伟学院 Private
Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts 上海视觉艺术学院 Private
Xianda College of Economics and Humanities, Shanghai International Studies University 上海外国语大学贤达经济人文学院 Private
Tianhua College, Shanghai Normal University 上海师范大学天华学院 Private
ShanghaiTech University 上海科技大学 Municipal Co-operates with CAS
New York University Shanghai 上海纽约大学 Sino-foreign

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