List of universities in Melanesia

This is a list of universities and other higher education institutions in Melanesia.

Regional [ edit ]

Fiji [ edit ]

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Solomon Islands [ edit ]

Vanuatu [ edit ]

Rankings of universities [ edit ]

2008 Ranking Web of World Universities

Currently the Webometrics Ranking is the only that covers Melanesian universities. Most of them are provided in the Oceania section but Indonesian ones are provided under the Asia entry.

2006 Shanghai Jiao Tong University's academic ranking of world universities

As yet, no Melanesian universities appear in the Academic Ranking of World Universities[1] produced by Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Institute of Higher Education.

2006 Times Higher Education Supplement Melanesian Rankings

Two universities were ranked in the Times Higher Education Supplement, both from Indonesia:

Asiaweek's Melanesian top ranking universities

In 2000, Asiaweek ranked Asia's universities and grouped them according to whether they were a generalist multi-disciplinary or a science and technology university.[2]

Rank University
75 Airlangga University
73 Diponegoro University
68 Gadjah Mada University
61 University of Indonesia
Science and technology
Rank University
21 Bandung Institute of Technology

In 1999, Asiaweek released the first regional listing of Asia's best universities.[3] Melanesian universities in the list and their rankings were:

Rank University
67 Gadjah Mada University
70 University of Indonesia
77 Diponegoro University
79 Airlangga University

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