List of women in Shahnameh

There are many queens, princesses, heroines and witches in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (Book of Kings), from the Iran, Turan, the Roman Empire, China, India etc.

List of Women in the Shahnameh [ edit ]

  • Arezo, daughter of Mahyar
  • Arezo, wife of Salm
  • Azadeh, the lover of Bahram V the Gor
  • Azarmidokht, the queen of queens of Iran
  • Arnavāz, wife of Zahak and later of Freydon
  • Spanoy, a Turanian princess
  • Banou of Gazor
  • Banou of Gordoye
  • Banou of Mahbod
  • Boran, the queen of queens of Iran
  • Beh-Afarid, daughter of Kay Vishtasp
  • Tahmina, mother of Sohrab and wife of Rustam
  • Jarireh, the first wife of Siyavash
  • Jamag, sister of Jamshid
  • Rudaba, wife of Zal and the mother of Rustam
  • Spinvad, an Indian princess and lover of Bahram V the Gor
  • Sudabeh, wife of Kay Kavus
  • Sahi, wife of Iraj
  • Sindukht, grandmother of Rustam
  • Shahrnāz, daughter of Jamshid, wife of Zahak and Freydon
  • Faranak, mother of Freydon
  • Farangis, wife of Siyavash and mother of Kay Khosrow
  • Katāyoun, a Roman princess, wife of Kay Visthasp and step-mother of Esfandiyar
  • Gordafarid, a young Iranian princess who fought Sohrab
  • Gordiye, wife of Khosrow II the Parviz
  • Gol Shahr, wife of Piran Viseh
  • Mah Afarid, a woman who slept with Iraj, mother of Manuchihr
  • Manizheh, a Turanian princess, the lover of Bijan
  • Mehrnaz, sister of Kay Kavus
  • Homay, daughter of Kay Vishtasp
  • Kay Homay, the queen of queens of Iran[1][2]

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