Little Manatee River

Kayaker on the Little Manatee River
Map of the river (highlighted in dark blue at the center)

The Little Manatee River flows 51 miles (82 km), from east of Fort Lonesome, Florida South of Hwy 674 and Earl Reynolds Rd In Hillsborough County through southern Hillsborough County, Florida including towns such as Sun City, Florida, and Gulf City, Florida and northern Manatee County, Florida into Tampa Bay. It has a drainage basin of 222 square miles (570 km2). It flows along the Little Manatee River State Park for part of its route. Portions of the river Such as Hayes Bayou and Mills Bayou have been designated as an Outstanding Florida Water and are part of the Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve.

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Coordinates: 27°42′52″N82°27′55″W / 27.7144746°N 82.4653725°W / 27.7144746; -82.4653725

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