Los viejos estandartes

"Los viejos estandartes"
"The old banners"
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Lyrics Jorge Inostroza
Music Willy Bascuñán, 1966
Adopted 1976; 44 years ago (1976)

"Los viejos estandartes" ("The old banners" in Spanish) is the official hymn and march of the Chilean Army.

Origin [ edit ]

The march was inspired by the return of Manuel Baquedano to the city of Valparaiso in 1881 during the War of the Pacific. The lyrics were composed by Jorge Inostroza and the music was created by Willy Bascuñán, a member of Los Cuatro Cuartos.[1] The song was included in the album ¡Al 7° de Línea! by Los Cuatro Cuartos which was released in 1966 and was acclaimed by both the public and critics, reaching the top of the music charts in Chile.[2]

"Los viejos estandartes" was used alongside the "Himno de Yungay" in official ceremonies from 1967 onward, becoming part of the official repertoire of songs played by military and civil marching bands on national holidays. It was officially adopted as the official hymn of the Chilean Army in 1976, the 190th anniversary since the conclusion of the War of the Pacific.[3]

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