Lucheng District, Changzhi


Lucheng is located in Shanxi
Location in Shanxi
Coordinates: 36°19′N113°13′E / 36.317°N 113.217°E / 36.317; 113.217Coordinates: 36°19′N113°13′E / 36.317°N 113.217°E / 36.317; 113.217
Country People's Republic of China
Province Shanxi
Prefecture-level city Changzhi
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Lucheng (Chinese: 潞城; pinyin: Lùchéng) is a District in south-eastern Shanxi province of the People's Republic of China. As a division of Changzhi City, it covers an area of 615 km² and has a population of 210,000. Approved by the State Council in 1994, its title changed from Lucheng County to Lucheng City. Lucheng's economy is driven by coal industry and limestone mining.

A village in Lucheng county, Zhangzhuangcun (张庄村, pinyin: Zhāngzhuāngcūn), sometimes translated as Long Bow Village, was made famous by the book Fanshen written by William H. Hinton. The book chronicles the changes Zhangzhuangcun underwent after the defeat of occupying Japanese forces by the communist Eighth Route Army and the ensuing land reform movement by the Communist Party of China. Hinton documented his return to Zhangchuangcun years later in Shenfan, chronicling what had happened in the years since and describing how the Cultural Revolution affected the village.

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