Lucilius Bassus

Lucilius Bassus was a Roman legatus appointed by Emperor Vespasian to the Iudaea Province in 71 AD. Assigned to finish off the last remnants of the Great Jewish Revolt in the province, he led the legion Legio X Fretensis, destroying the Jewish strongholds Herodium and Machaerus on their march to the siege of Masada.

Bassus fell ill and died on the way, however, and was replaced by Lucius Flavius Silva in late 72 AD.

Before his appointment to Iudaea, Bassus was prefect of the Classis Ravennas, a Roman fleet stationed at Ravenna, and betrayed Vitellius by siding with Vespasian during the Year of the Four Emperors (69).

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Political offices
Preceded by

Sextus Vettulenus Cerialis
Governor of Iudaea

Succeeded by

Lucius Flavius Silva
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