Luk Keng Pier

Luk Keng Pier

Luk Keng Pier (Chinese: 鹿頸碼頭) is a small public pier adjoining Luk Keng Village, Yam O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong. There is only a kai-to ferry route to and from Tsing Lung Tau in Tsuen Wan for villagers to travel to the urban area. This closed transportation relationship between Yam O and Tsing Lung Tau explains why Northeast Lantau is part of the Tsuen Wan District, instead of the Islands District.[1] It was the only public transportation for Luk Keng Village and the whole of Yam O before Sunny Bay Station on the MTR opened.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 22°19′55″N114°01′28″E / 22.33185°N 114.02431°E / 22.33185; 114.02431

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