M11 Corridor

Coordinates: 51°54′25″N0°14′42″E / 51.907°N 0.245°E / 51.907; 0.245

The M11 Corridor is an area along the M11 motorway in the United Kingdom which begins in East London and runs from Essex to Cambridgeshire, which has been identified by the British government as a key location for economic and population growth. London Stansted Airport is situated within the area, and is one of the main reasons the government has earmarked this region for house building and infrastructure improvements.

There is also a housing shortage in the South East, East, and London regions of the country and new homes are required for this purpose also. A similar scheme is already underway to the south of Essex and North of Kent, known as the Thames Gateway project.

Major towns covered in this corridor include Harlow, Great Dunmow, Epping and Braintree in Essex, Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire and parts of South Cambridgeshire.

Further reading [ edit ]

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