MGM Music

MGM Music is the music publishing and licensing arm of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

History [ edit ]

In 1986, after Ted Turner sold MGM to Kirk Kerkorian, MGM formed MGM Music for the licensing of music of which MGM owns the rights. Turner kept the MGM film library and rights to the soundtracks. MGM Music focuses on releasing soundtracks. It manages the music and music publishing rights of MGM films made after Turner sold the company as well as the music and music publishing rights of United Artists and Orion films.[1]

While MGM Music utilizes unrelated record companies to release soundtracks MGM owns, they did issue a limited edition CD on their own, the Thunderbird 6 soundtrack album[2] with only 1,500 copies made.[3]

MGM founded MGM Records in 1946, but was sold to PolyGram in 1972 including rights to the MGM Records name plus a 10-year license to use the MGM lion logo. MGM Records, including its artists, was absorbed into PolyGram's Polydor Records in 1976. However, after its absorption, PolyGram continued releasing MGM soundtrack albums and reissues until 1982. Time Warner's Turner Entertainment unit now owns the rights to MGM soundtracks issued by MGM/PolyGram Records, who had licensed distribution to Warner Music Group, a former sister company to Turner Entertainment.[4] Time Warner sold Warner Music in 2004 and Warner Music's Rhino Entertainment unit's license to issue Turner owned MGM soundtracks expired at the end of 2011. Time Warner's Warner Bros. unit formed WaterTower Music to manage Time Warner owned soundtracks.[5]

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