List of Major National Historical and Cultural Sites in Shanghai

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This list is of Major Sites Protected for their Historical and Cultural Value at the National Level in the Municipality of Shanghai, People's Republic of China.[1]

Site Date Location Image Coordinates Designation
Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen

1919 Huangpu District Shanghai Zhongshan Guju.JPG Upload file 31°12′58″N 121°28′03″E  /  31.216086°N 121.467612°E  / 31.216086; 121.467612  (Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen) 1-9

Site of the Socialist Youth League of China

1920-21 Huangpu District Zhongguo Shehuizhuyi Qingniantuan Zhongyangjiguan Jiuzhi.JPG Upload file 31°13′13″N 121°28′06″E  /  31.220234°N 121.468256°E  / 31.220234; 121.468256  (Site of the Socialist Youth League of China) 1-10

Site of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party

1921 Huangpu District The First National Congress of CPC.jpg Upload file 31°13′13″N 121°28′32″E  /  31.220224°N 121.475530°E  / 31.220224; 121.475530  (Site of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party) 1-11

Tomb of Lu Xun

1956 Hongkou District Grave of Luxun.jpg Upload file 31°16′18″N 121°28′57″E  /  31.271765°N 121.482611°E  / 31.271765; 121.482611  (Tomb of Lu Xun) 1-31

Tomb of Soong Ching-ling

1981 Changning District Soong's Tomb in Shanghai.JPG Upload file 31°11′42″N 121°24′48″E  /  31.194889°N 121.413345°E  / 31.194889; 121.413345  (Tomb of Soong Ching-ling) 2-10

Yu Garden

Ming, Qing Huangpu District Yu Gardens 20090724-16.JPG Upload file 31°13′38″N 121°29′32″E  /  31.227197°N 121.492106°E  / 31.227197; 121.492106  (Yu Garden) 2-39

Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial

1927-37 Xuhui District Longhua Geming Lieshi Jiniandi.JPG Upload file 31°10′39″N 121°27′08″E  /  31.177505°N 121.452355°E  / 31.177505; 121.452355  (Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial) 3-25

Sutra Pillar of the Tang Dynasty in Songjiang

Tang Songjiang District Tang Tuoluoni Jingchuang.JPG Upload file 31°00′07″N 121°14′13″E  /  31.001927°N 121.237071°E  / 31.001927; 121.237071  (Sutra Pillar of the Tang Dynasty in Songjiang) 3-179

Tomb of Xu Guangqi

Ming Xuhui District Tomb of Xu Guangqi.jpg Upload file 31°11′21″N 121°26′05″E  /  31.189281°N 121.434653°E  / 31.189281; 121.434653  (Tomb of Xu Guangqi) 3-254

Xingshengjiao Temple Pagoda

Northern Song Songjiang District Square Tower of Songjiang.jpg Upload file 31°00′23″N 121°14′30″E  /  31.006389°N 121.241667°E  / 31.006389; 121.241667  (Xingshengjiao Temple Pagoda) 4-83

Main Hall of Zhenru Temple

Yuan Putuo District Zhenrusi Dadian.JPG Upload file 31°14′57″N 121°24′05″E  /  31.249085°N 121.401469°E  / 31.249085; 121.401469  (Main Hall of Zhenru Temple) 4-120

Architecture of the Bund

1906-37 Huangpu District A picture from China every day 101.jpg Upload file 31°14′25″N 121°29′27″E  /  31.240224°N 121.490893°E  / 31.240224; 121.490893  (Architecture of the Bund) 4-220

Shanghai General Post Office

1924 Hongkou District 上海邮政总局.jpg Upload file 31°14′40″N 121°29′05″E  /  31.244370°N 121.484789°E  / 31.244370; 121.484789  (Shanghai General Post Office) 4-226

Fuquanshan Site

Neolithic Qingpu District Fuquanshan Site.jpg Upload file 31°12′02″N 121°10′38″E  /  31.200569°N 121.177332°E  / 31.200569; 121.177332  (Fuquanshan Site) 5-37

Shanghai Residence of Soong Ching-ling

1948-81 Xuhui District Former Residence of Soong Ching-ling.jpg Upload file 31°12′14″N 121°26′20″E  /  31.203928°N 121.439019°E  / 31.203928; 121.439019  (Shanghai Residence of Soong Ching-ling) 5-482

Residence of Zhang Wentian

Modern Pudong New Area Zhangwentian Guju.JPG Upload file 31°07′54″N 121°45′47″E  /  31.131579°N 121.762977°E  / 31.131579; 121.762977  (Residence of Zhang Wentian) 5-483

Longhua Pagoda

Song Xuhui District Longhuata.JPG Upload file 31°10′21″N 121°27′05″E  /  31.172529°N 121.451368°E  / 31.172529; 121.451368  (Longhua Pagoda) 6-505

Moller Villa

Republic of China Jing'an District Moller Villa in Sjanghai.JPG Upload file 31°13′22″N 121°27′23″E  /  31.222876°N 121.456304°E  / 31.222876; 121.456304  (Moller Villa) 6-926

Park Hotel Shanghai

Republic of China Huangpu District Shanghai Park Hotel 2007.jpg Upload file 31°14′00″N 121°28′18″E  /  31.233371°N 121.471796°E  / 31.233371; 121.471796  (Park Hotel Shanghai) 6-927

Songze Site

Neolithic Qingpu District Songze Site.JPG Upload file 31°08′20″N 121°10′04″E  /  31.138871°N 121.167709°E  / 31.138871; 121.167709  (Songze Site) 7-134

Maqiao Site

Neolithic Minhang District Maqiao Site.JPG Upload file 31°02′07″N 121°22′58″E  /  31.035193°N 121.382854°E  / 31.035193; 121.382854  (Maqiao Site) 7-135

Guangfulin Site

Neolithic, Eastern Zhou Songjiang District Guangfulin Site.JPG Upload file 31°03′51″N 121°11′46″E  /  31.064183°N 121.196194°E  / 31.064183; 121.196194  (Guangfulin Site) 7-136

Shanghai Yuan Dynasty Water Gate Museum

Yuan Putuo District 上海元代水闸.jpg Upload file 31°15′35″N 121°25′50″E  /  31.259614°N 121.430565°E  / 31.259614; 121.430565  (Shanghai Water Gate Museum) 7-137

Jiading Confucius Temple

Ming, Qing Jiading District 20130918-嘉定孔庙-1.jpg Upload file 31°22′53″N 121°15′10″E  /  31.381330°N 121.252735°E  / 31.381330; 121.252735  (Jiading Confucius Temple) 7-945

Yangshupu Waterworks

1883 Yangpu District 杨树浦水厂.jpg Upload file 31°15′09″N 121°31′37″E  /  31.252561°N 121.526974°E  / 31.252561; 121.526974  (Yangshupu Waterworks) 7-1694

Sheshan Observatory

1900 Songjiang District Sheshan Tianwentai.JPG Upload file 31°05′48″N 121°11′24″E  /  31.096592°N 121.190121°E  / 31.096592; 121.190121  (Sheshan Observatory) 7-1695

Early Tilanqiao Prison Buildings

1903 Hongkou District Gate of Tilanqiao Prison.jpg Upload file 31°15′20″N 121°30′37″E  /  31.255556°N 121.510278°E  / 31.255556; 121.510278  (Early Tilanqiao Prison Buildings) 7-1696

St. Ignatius Cathedral

1910 Xuhui District Xujiahui kathedrale.jpg Upload file 31°11′28″N 121°26′10″E  /  31.191103°N 121.436107°E  / 31.191103; 121.436107  (St. Ignatius Cathedral) 7-1697

Site of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China

1922 Huangpu District Zhongguogongchandang Di'erci Quanguodaibiaodahui Huizhi.JPG Upload file 31°13′27″N 121°28′00″E  /  31.224271°N 121.466796°E  / 31.224271; 121.466796  (Site of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China) 7-1698

As well as sites protected at the national level there are 238 sites in Shanghai that are protected at the municipal level (see 上海市文物保护单位).[2]

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