Manda Airport

Manda Airport
Airport type Public, Civilian
Owner Government of Kenya
Operator Kenya Airports Authority
Serves Lamu
Location Manda Island, Lamu Archipelago,  Kenya
Elevation AMSL 20 ft / 6 m
Coordinates 02°14′46″S 40°54′36″E  /  2.24611°S 40.91000°E  / -2.24611; 40.91000  (Manda Airport)
HKLU is located in Kenya
Location of Manda Airport in Kenya

Placement on map is approximate
Direction Length Surface
ft m
16/34 4,085 1,004 Asphalt
08/26 3,054 931 Dirt/Grass

Manda Airport (IATA: LAU, ICAO: HKLU), also called Lamu Airport, is an airport in Kenya.

Location [ edit ]

Manda Airport is located on Manda Island in the Lamu Archipelago of Lamu County on the western shore of the Indian Ocean, on the Kenya coast.

Its location is approximately 450 kilometres (280 mi), by air, southeast of Nairobi International Airport, the country's largest civilian airport.[1] The geographic coordinates of this airport are:2° 14' 46.00"S, 40° 54' 36.00"E (Latitude:-2.246110; Longitude:40.910000).

Overview [ edit ]

Manda Airport is a small civilian airport on Manda Island, serving the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya. Situated at 6 metres (20 ft) above sea level,[2] the airport has two runways. The first runway (15/33) is paved with asphalt and measures 6,330 feet (1,930 m) in length and 100 feet (30 m) in width. The second runway (08/26) is unpaved and is 3,054 feet (931 m) long and 46 feet (14 m) wide.[3]

Airlines and destinations [ edit ]

Airlines Destinations
Airkenya Express Malindi, Nairobi–Wilson
Fly540 Malindi, Nairobi–Jomo Kenyatta
Fly-SAX Malindi, Nairobi–Wilson
Mombasa Air Safari Malindi, Mombasa
Safarilink Kiwayu, Nairobi–Wilson
Skyward Express Mombasa, Nairobi–Wilson

Accidents and incidents [ edit ]

On 14 October 2003 at about 9.00 am, local time, a Cessna 208 Caravan I owned and operated by Airkenya Express, with one pilot and no passengers, took off from Wilson Airport in Nairobi, headed for Manda Airport in Lamu, approximately 450 kilometres (280 mi), by air, to the southeast. Soon after becoming airborne, the aircraft lost height, crash-landed in Nairobi National Park and overturned. The pilot sustained minor injuries. The aircraft was written off.[4]

The airport is near the Camp Simba US naval base. Al-Shabaab militants attacked that base in January 2020. The airport was temporarily closed.[5]

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Coordinates: 2°14′46″S40°54′36″E / 2.246110°S 40.910000°E / -2.246110; 40.910000

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