Parent company Internet Brands [1]
Founded 1868
Founder James B. Martindale
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New Providence, New Jersey
Nonfiction topics law
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Martindale-Hubbell is an information services company to the legal profession[2] that was founded in 1868. The company publishes the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, which provides background information on lawyers and law firms in the United States and other countries. It also published the Martindale Hubbell Law Digest, a summary of laws around the world. Martindale-Hubbell is owned by consumer website company Internet Brands.[1]

Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory volumes on the shelf at a law library

History [ edit ]

Martindale's Directory was first published in 1868 by James B. Martindale, a lawyer and business person.[3] He wrote in the preface:

The object of the work is to furnish to Lawyers, Bankers, Wholesale Merchants, Manufacturers, Real Estate Agents, and all others who may have need of business correspondents away from home, the address of one reliable law firm, one reliable bank, and one reliable real estate agent in each city and town in the United States; also to give the laws of the several States on subjects of a commercial character that are of interest or importance to business men, or have a bearing on mercantile transactions and the collection of debts....

In view of constant and rapid changes occurring among Law firms, by reason of death, retirement, election of office, dissolution, and an occasional degeneracy, making the best list of necessity short-lived, and in view of the continual changes being made in the commercial laws of the several States, we will thoroughly revise this work once a year, and publish it annually, on the first of every January."[4]

In 1870, the first edition of Hubbell's Legal Directory was published. The introduction stated, "The vast and extending relations of business, the immense territory over which this business must be transacted, and the difficulties that often occur in obtaining reliable correspondents and information respecting the collection of debts in the different States, seem to create a necessity for a work of this character ..."[5][page needed][full citation needed]

By 1896, Martindale's Directory included basic information that still appears in today's Martindale-Hubbell Directory. This edition introduced law digests for all the states and provinces.[3][6] The same year, the 26th edition of the Hubbell's Legal Directory was published.[7]

By combining the Martindale's Directory and Hubbell's Legal Directory, the first edition of the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory was published in 1931 as a two-volume set.[8]

In 1951, a digest was added for Israel. Meanwhile, internal conditions as well as difficulties of communication with Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Rumania had made it necessary to withdraw publication of law digests for these countries. These law digests were revised and again published in the 1990s. Throughout the years Martindale Hubbell Law Digest, which was revised and published annually, has been considered as an incomplete encyclopaedia of comparative law in English.[9][10][11]

In 1990, Martindale-Hubbell was purchased by Reed International P.L.C.[12][13] Reed Elsevier came into being in 1992, following the merger of Reed International, a British trade book and magazine publisher, and Elsevier, the Netherlands-based scientific publisher.[14]

2007 Edition of Martindale-Hubbell Law Digest on CD-ROM

In 2007, Martindale Hubbell Law Digest ceased to be printed and became available only on CD-ROM and by subscription on-line. In 2009, all the 150 Law Digests could be consulted free of charge on[15]

In October 2013, Reed Elsevier entered into a joint venture with Internet Brands, LLC.[16] In March 2014, the joint venture was completed resulting in the combination of Martindale-Hubbell, and Internet Brand's Nolo legal division. The joint venture operates under the name of Martindale-Hubbell.[1]

Products and services [ edit ]

  • Martindale-Hubbell Ratings provides reviews of lawyers and law firms for consumers and professionals.[17] contains the profiles of over one million lawyers and firms globally.[3]

  • and began offering free, online legal assistance to the public in June 1998, and has more than one million lawyers and law firms worldwide in its database.[18][19][20] The site contains a database of lawyers in the United States and allows users to search for lawyers using factors like geography, specialty, language and law school.[19] Lawyers in the database are assigned an ISLN (International Standard Lawyer Number).
2010 Edition of Martindale Hubbell Law Digest ON CD-ROM. This was the last published edition of the Law Digest.
  • The Law Blog includes posts from lawyers on issues, trends and news in the legal profession such as immigration, personal injury, estate planning, etc. In November 2011 the blog launched a New Jury Roundup weekly news feature entitled, "Editor's Choice: Jury Awards Edition." The news feature reports on large jury awards won by individuals in recent personal injury cases.[21]

References [ edit ]

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