Matabitchuan River

Matabitchuan River
Location of the mouth of the Matabitchuan River in Ontario
Country Canada
Province Ontario
District Nipissing, Timiskaming
Physical characteristics
Source Rabbit Lake
 ⁃ coordinates 47°01′41″N 79°35′15″W  /  47.02806°N 79.58750°W  / 47.02806; -79.58750
 ⁃ elevation 288 m (945 ft)
Mouth Lake Timiskaming
 ⁃ coordinates
47°07′45″N 79°27′41″W  /  47.12917°N 79.46139°W  / 47.12917; -79.46139 Coordinates: 47°07′45″N79°27′41″W / 47.12917°N 79.46139°W / 47.12917; -79.46139
 ⁃ elevation
178 m (584 ft)
Length 19.7 km (12.2 mi)

The Matabitchuan River is a river in Nipissing and Timiskaming Districts, Ontario, Canada.

Hydrology [ edit ]

The river begins at Rabbit Lake in Nipissing District at an elevation of 288 metres (945 ft). It flows northeast over Rabbit Lake Dam and through Rabbit Chute to take in the left tributary Lorrain Creek. The river continues northeast, passing into Timiskaming District, to Fourbass Lake at an elevation of 274 metres (899 ft) and then empties into the west side of Lake Timiskaming, 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) south of the mouth of the Montreal River. A dam controls the outflow of Fourbass Lake, and some of the water from the lake is diverted through a penstock from a point 47°07′17″N79°29′54″W / 47.12139°N 79.49833°W / 47.12139; -79.49833 southeast of the river outflow to the Ontario Power Generation Matabitchuan Generating Station.[1] Highway 567 leads from the community of North Cobalt (in Temiskaming Shores) to the nearby Lower Notch generating station.

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