Mass media in the Faroe Islands

The Faroese mass media consists of several newspapers, radio stations, magazines, as well as a local TV station, Kringvarp Føroya.

The first Digital Terrestrial Television service was switched on during December 2002, broadcasting from seven transmitter sites.[1][2] Subscription satellite television is also available in the Faroe Islands.

List of major media in the Faroese language [ edit ]

Recently Sjónvarp Føroya (Television of the Faroes) and Útvarp Føroya (Radio of the Faroes) merged into a new company called Kringvarp Føroya.

Television [ edit ]

Radio [ edit ]

  • Kringvarp Føroya started in 1957 as Útvarp Føroya. Merged with Sjónvarp Føroya 1 January 2007 to form Kringvarp Føroya.
  • Atlantic Radio, short-lived 24-hour station.
  • Útvarp Føroya
  • Rás 2 (Channel 2) was, after Atlantic Radio stopped, established as an alternative to the state owned Útvarp Føroya (hence the "2" in its name). It was later rebranded as R7.
  • Lindin, a Christian radio station which has been broadcasting from Tórshavn since 21 January 2000[4]
  •, on FM98.7 in Klaksvík and on internet radio, which has been broadcasting since 11 November 2011[5]
  • Voxpop, modern pop music station
  • KissFM, pop and rock from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, was replaced with the new Rás 2.

Newspapers [ edit ]

  • Dimmalætting, the oldest newspaper on the islands, dating back to 1878. A weekly newspaper since 2014
  • Sosialurin, established in 1927. Originally it was a political newspaper associated with Faroese social democrats, but in 2006 the Islands' Social Democratic Party sold the newspaper. It is also published five times a week.
  • Vinnuvitan, a business newspaper.
  • Oyggjatíðindi
  • Norðlýsið, a local newspaper mainly for the northern part of the islands.
  • Vikublaðið, a weekly newspaper. It is the only newspaper that is free, so is the most widely read newspaper on the Islands.

Magazines [ edit ]

Atlantic Review, since 1990. Atlantic Airways

References [ edit ]

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