Middle Ring Road (Shanghai)

Middle Ring Road
The Middle Ring Road in Yangpu District.
Route information
Length 59.25 km[1] (36.82 mi)
Major junctions
Orbital around Shanghai
  Counterclockwise from Jungong Road Tunnel:

Xiangyin Road and Jungong Road, to Xiangyin Road Tunnel

Yixian Elevated Road at the Dabaishu Interchange, to Inner Ring Road

South-North Elevated Road at the Middle Ring Gonghexin Road Interchange

Shanghai Expwy S5 sign no name.svg Shanghai–Jiading Expressway

China Expwy G2 sign no name.svg Beijing−Shanghai Expressway and Wuning Road

Beidi Elevated Road

Humin Elevated Road

Jiyang Road, to Lupu Bridge

South Yanggao Road

Huaxia Elevated Road, Shenjiang Road
Highway system
Expressways of Shanghai

Middle Ring Road (simplified Chinese: 中环路; traditional Chinese: 中環路; pinyin: Zhōnghuán Lù) is a ring expressway in the city of Shanghai, China. It is the second in a series of four ring expressways around the city of Shanghai. Construction began in April 2003 on the first section of the Middle Ring Road in Yangpu District.[1] The Middle Ring Road crosses the Huangpu River twice, using the Jungong Road Tunnel and the Shangzhong Road Tunnel. On the Pudong side, the southern section from the Shangzhong Road Tunnel to Shenjiang Road opened on 25 December 2009.[2] Most sections of the ring road are elevated. However sections passing through Changning, Minhang District, and Yangpu District run at grade and utilizes Texas U-turn interchanges with the expressway running in a trenched underpass.

Exit List [ edit ]

  • Yaolong Rd (CW exit and CCW entrance)
  • Shangzhong W Rd, Hongmei S Rd (CW entrance and CCW exit)
  • Humin Elevated Rd
  • Gudai Rd, Jiang'an Rd (CW entrance and CCW exit)
  • Caobao Rd
  • Wuzhong Rd
  • Xianxia Rd (No CW entrance)
  • Beidi Rd
  • Tianshan Rd (CW entrance and CCW exit)
  • Jinshajiang Rd (CW entrance and CCW exit)
  • G2, G42

Tongchuan Rd Exit (outer ring) Taopu Rd Exit & Entrance (inner ring) Zhennan Rd Entrance (outer ring)

References [ edit ]

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