Country People's Republic of China
Province Anhui
Prefecture-level city Chuzhou
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Mingguang (Chinese: 明光; pinyin: Míngguāng), formerly Jiashan County (嘉山县; Jiāshān Xiàn), is a county-level city in the northeast of Anhui Province, China, bordering Jiangsu province to the northeast and east. It is under the administration of Chuzhou city.

Geography [ edit ]

Mingguang City is on the north-eastern edge of Anhui Province. The Huai River forms part of its northeast border. Bordering county-level divisions are Lai'an County to the southeast, Nanqiao District to the south, Dingyuan County to the southwest, Fengyang County to the west, Wuhe County to the northwest, and, in Jiangsu, Sihong and Xuyi counties.

Climate [ edit ]

Mingguang City lies on the Northern Subtropical Zone. The average temperature of Mingguang City for the whole year is 15°C. The average annual rainfall is 934.1 mm (36.78 in).

Demographics [ edit ]

Most of the people living in Mingguang City are Han people. According to 2015 data, Mingguang has a total population of 655 thousand.

Economy [ edit ]

Mingguang's economy relies much on agriculture and its appendages.

Notable People [ edit ]

Wang Daohan (汪道涵) Zu Hai (祖海)-actress Jiang Daoping (蒋道平)-revolutionary,

Tourism [ edit ]

Nv Shan Geographic Park (女山地质公园)

Education [ edit ]

According to 2016 data, Mingguang City has a total of 187 schools, including elementary schools, secondary schools, and places for higher learning.

References [ edit ]

Coordinates: 32°47′N117°58′E / 32.783°N 117.967°E / 32.783; 117.967

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