Miu Ko Toi

Miu Ko Toi
Miu Ko Toi is located in Hong Kong
Miu Ko Toi
Miu Ko Toi
Location of Miu Ko Toi in  Hong Kong
Highest point
Elevation 765 m (2,510 ft)
Coordinates 22°24′13.15″N114°7′15.05″E / 22.4036528°N 114.1208472°E / 22.4036528; 114.1208472
Location Hong Kong

Miu Ko Toi (Chinese: 妙高台) is a peak in Hong Kong. It is situated in New Territories and stands at a height of 765 metres (2,510 ft) above the sea level.[1] It is one of the subpeaks of the tallest mountain in Hong Kong Tai Mo Shan.[2]

Access [ edit ]

Miu Ko Toi is only accessible by foot and is south west of Tai Mo Shan.[3] In between trail markers M150 and M151 of Tai Mo Shan Road, there is the entrance for a trail called Heung Shek Path. Assuming that you are walking up toward Tai Mo Shan's summit, turning right when you see Heung Shek Path will lead you to Miu Ko Toi's summit.

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References [ edit ]

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