Miu Tsai Tun

Miu Tsai Tun, Hong Kong
Miu Tsai Tun 1.jpg
View of Miu Tsai Tun from High Junk Peak
Highest point
Elevation 333 m (1,093 ft)
Coordinates 22°17′57.91″N114°16′56.77″E / 22.2994194°N 114.2824361°E / 22.2994194; 114.2824361
Miu Tsai Tun, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Miu Tsai Tun, Hong Kong
Miu Tsai Tun, Hong Kong
Location of Miu Tsai Tun in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Miu Tsai Tun (Chinese: 廟仔墩) is a mountain that lies within Clear Water Bay Country Park, Hong Kong. Its name in Chinese means "Small Temple Mound" because there is a small temple on the northeast side of the mountain.

Miu Tsai Tun (middle) and nearby High Junk Peak (right)

Geography [ edit ]

Miu Tsai Tun is 333m in height. To the south lies a famous mountain called High Junk Peak. [1]

Access [ edit ]

High Junk Peak Country Trail runs through the foot of Miu Tsai Tun, west of the Summit. It is possible to access the summit of Miu Tsai Tun from entrances on the High Junk Peak Country Trail. The path to the summit is rather rugged and not maintained by the government, so proper footwear is advisable.

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