Mohammad Salim Al-Awa

Mohammad Salim Al-Awa
Born 22 December 1942[citation needed]

Nationality Egyptian
Occupation writer

Mohammad Salim Al-Awa (born December 22, 1942) is an Egyptian Islamist thinker, widely considered[by whom?] to belong to the moderate Islamic democratic strain. He is the former Secretary General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars based in London, and head of the Egyptian Association for Culture and Dialogue.[1][2][3] Al-Awa has been called[by whom?] one of the few Islamic thinkers who has made a "serious attempt" at "defining what Islamism would mean in a modern society," or "courageously delved into the realities of Islamic history and experimented with new interpretations."[4]

On 14 June 2011, Al-Awa declared his candidacy for the upcoming Egyptian presidential election in September of that year.[5]


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