Mouchoir Bank

Mouchoir Bank
Native name:
Banco de Pañuelo Blanco
Submerged bank
Mouchoir Bank is located in Caribbean
Mouchoir Bank
Mouchoir Bank
Location with the Caribbean
Location Caribbean
Coordinates 20°57′00″N 70°42′00″W  /  20.95000°N 70.70000°W  / 20.95000; -70.70000 Coordinates: 20°57′00″N70°42′00″W / 20.95000°N 70.70000°W / 20.95000; -70.70000
Area 960 km2 (370 sq mi)
Additional information
Time zone
Mouchoir Bank in the lower right of an 1873 map of the Bahamas (unnamed, between Is. Turks and Bank of Argent = Silver Bank)
1773 map by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin showing leMouchoir Carré, tres peu connu = very little known as if with islands, which in reality do not exist

Mouchoir Bank, in Spanish also called Banco de Pañuelo Blanco, is a submerged bank that is disputed by the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Dominican Republic, and claimed by both countries as part of their EEZ.

It is located southeast of the Turks islands and is geographically a continuation of the carbonate island archipelago comprising the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, the Silver Bank, and the Navidad Bank.[1]

Geography [ edit ]

Much of the north side of the bank is awash in two groupings of coral reef. A 1.8 m deep rock lies between the two groupings. There are numerous shallow patches on the bank which break. North East Breaker is a dangerous rock in the northeast.

It covers an area of 960 km².[2] Mouchoir Passage, which separates Mouchoir Bank from the Turks Islands further northwest, is about 26 kilometres (16 mi) wide and very deep. Silver Bank Passage separates Mouchoir Bank from Silver Bank further southeast, which belongs to the EEZ of the Dominican Republic.

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