Mount Gough

Mount Gough
Mount Gough 1.jpg
Mount Gough
Highest point
Elevation 479 m (1,572 ft)
Coordinates 22°16′07″N114°09′32″E / 22.268481°N 114.158936°E / 22.268481; 114.158936Coordinates: 22°16′07″N114°09′32″E / 22.268481°N 114.158936°E / 22.268481; 114.158936
Native name 歌賦山  (Chinese)
Mount Gough is located in Hong Kong
Mount Gough
Mount Gough
Location of Mount Gough in  Hong Kong
Location Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Mount Gough (Chinese: 歌賦山) is a peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It lies directly east of Victoria Peak and rises to a height of 479 metres (1,572 ft)[1] above Admiralty. It is named for Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough,[2] Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in China and is the 18th highest prominence on Hong Kong Island.

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