Mount Nicholson

Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong
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Mount Nicholson, viewed from Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park
Highest point
Elevation 430 m (1,410 ft)
Coordinates 22°15′34″N114°11′09″E / 22.25944°N 114.18583°E / 22.25944; 114.18583
Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong
Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong
Location of Mount Nicholson in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Mount Nicholson (Chinese: 聶高信山) is a 430 m (1,411 ft) tall mountain located on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The hill is believed to be named for Hong Kong Volunteer Corps Adjunct Lieutenant W.C.A. Nicholson.[1]

The western side of the mountain is flanked by the Hong Kong Trail Section 4 - Black's Link. On the eastern side are a few residential blocks close to Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. Mount Cameron is found to the west and separated by the Aberdeen Tunnel. Microwave equipment for television broadcasting (one concrete structure) are found at the mountain's peak and closed from public access by fencing and topped with barbed wire.

A climbing wall is found on the northside of the mountain with access via Wong Nai Chung Gap Road.[2]

Flora and Fauna [ edit ]

Part of the mountain is covered with trees and other plants. Camellia hongkongensis[3] and Rhododendron hongkongensis,[4] two plant species native to Hong Kong, are first discovered on the mountain.

The 1st Rover Moot in Hong Kong was held by The Scout Association of Hong Kong in August 1940 at Mount Nicholson.

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Coordinates: 22°15′34″N114°11′09″E / 22.259451°N 114.185704°E / 22.259451; 114.185704

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