Mount Parker, Hong Kong

Mount Parker
Mount Parker from Kowloon
Mount Parker from Kowloon
Highest point
Elevation 532 m (1,745 ft)
Native name 柏架山  (Chinese)
Mount Parker is located in Hong Kong
Mount Parker
Mount Parker
Location of Mount Parker in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Mount Parker (Chinese: 柏架山) is the second-highest peak (532 metres (1,745 ft)) on Hong Kong Island, after Victoria Peak (552 m (1,811 ft)).[1] It is the 40th highest peak of the territory of Hong Kong. It is named after Admiral of the fleet, Sir William Parker, 1st Baronet, of Shenstone.[2]

Ecology [ edit ]

A rare native tree, the Hong Kong camellia (Camellia hongkongensis), can be found growing on Mount Parker,[3] while another species, Crapnell's camellia (Camellia crapnelliana), was first discovered on the peak.

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References [ edit ]

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Coordinates: 22°16′N114°13′E / 22.267°N 114.217°E / 22.267; 114.217

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