Nanpeng Islands

Nanpeng Islands
Location South China Sea
Coordinates 23°12′24″N 117°14′54″E  /  23.20667°N 117.24833°E  / 23.20667; 117.24833
Total islands 6
Major islands Nanpeng Island

Zhongpeng Island
Area 0.907 km2 (0.350 sq mi)
Highest elevation 68.8 m (225.7 ft)
Province Guangdong
City Shantou
County Nan'ao
Population None permanent
Official name Guangdong Nanpeng Archipelago Wetlands
Designated 16 October 2015
Reference no. 2249[1]

Nanpeng Islands (simplified Chinese: 南澎列岛; traditional Chinese: 南澎列島; pinyin: Nánpēng Lièdǎo) are a chain of islands located in the north of South China Sea, administered by Nan'ao County, Shantou, Guangdong, the People's Republic of China. Nanpeng Islands consist of six islands: Nanpeng Island, Zhongpeng Island, Dingpeng Island (also known as Dongpeng Island or Yazaiyu Island), Qinpeng Island, Chizaiyu Island and Qiweiyu Island.[2] Nanpeng Islands have two baseline points of the Chinese territorial sea.[3]

No resident lives in the Nanpeng Islands except garrison of the People's Liberation Army. It became a National Marine Ecological Nature Reserve in 2012,[4] as well as a Ramsar site in 2015.[1]

Islands [ edit ]

Name Area [km2] highest point [m] Coordinates Ref
Nanpeng Island (南澎岛) 0.362 68.8 [2]
Zhongpeng Island (中澎岛) 0.4 50.5 [2]
Dingpeng Island (顶澎岛) 0.1 34.5 [2]
Qinpeng Island (芹澎岛) 0.012 9.2 [2]
Chizaiyu Island (赤仔屿) 0.019 20 [2]
Qiweiyu Island (旗尾屿) 0.008 2.4 [2]

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References [ edit ]

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