Nariman (Shahnameh)

Shahnameh Mens
Name Nariman
Nickname Gladiator
post The head of the dynasty
Other Information
Well known Siege of Mount Sepand Castle
Lineage Zabolian
Historical similarity Ariaramnes
Family members
Boys Name Sām
Grandson Name Zāl
Result Name Rostam

Nariman[pronunciation?] (Persian: نریمان‎) is an ancient Persian name meaning "faith and brightness." The name was first referred to in the historic Shahname of Ferdowsi as son of Gershasp, and father of Sām who himself is grandfather of Rostam the hero (Rostam's Father was Zal).

Nariman in Shahnameh [ edit ]

Nariman was reported in Shahnameh at the time of Fereydun.[1] According to the Shahnameh, Nariman was one of Fereydun allies during the reign of Fereydun. Nariman perished in the war that led to the siege of a fortress on Mount Sepand. This story is told by Zāl for Rostam to persuade him Nariman revenge on the inhabitants of the castle.

References [ edit ]

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Sources [ edit ]

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