Nicomedes Pastor Díaz y Corbelle

Nicomedes Pastor Díaz

Nicomedes Pastor Díaz y Corbelle (Viveiro, Galicia, Spain, 15 September 1811 – Madrid, Spain, 22 March 1863) was a Spanish politician, journalist and author of the Romanticism and the Rexurdimento. He contributed to the renewal of the Galician language.

As a politician, Díaz served as Minister of State in 1856, during the reign of Queen Isabella II of Spain, in a cabinet headed by Leopoldo O'Donnell, 1st Duke of Tetuan (by then Count of Lucena).

He was both a Liberal and a Catholic, belonging to the left-wing of the Moderados. In 1863, as a member of the Liberal Union, he gave a speech on the necessity of reconciling Catholicism with Liberalism.[1]

Works [ edit ]

  • Alborada (1828) (in Galician language)
  • Poesías (1840)
  • De Villahermosa a la China (1858)
  • Galería de españoles célebres contemporáneos (1841-1864)

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ Algueró, Felipe-José de Vicente (2012). El catolicismo liberal en España. Encuentro. pp. 138–140.

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14 July 1856 – 12 October 1856
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