Nine Garrisons of the Ming dynasty

The Nine Garrisons, Jiubian (九边, jiubian), or Jiuzhen (九镇, jiuzhen), were Chinese military garrisons along the Great Wall installed by the Ming dynasty during the reign of the Hongzhi Emperor between 1487 and 1505.

Map of the Great Wall and Nine Garrisons in Ming Dynasty

List of garrisons [ edit ]

  • Garrison of Liaodong (辽东镇, Liaodong zhen)
  • Garrison of Xuanfu (宣府镇, Xuanfu zhen)
  • Garrison of Datong (大同镇, Datong zhen)
  • Garrison of Yansui (延绥镇, Yansui zhen), or Garrison of Yulin (榆林镇, Yulin zhen)
  • Garrison of Ningxia (宁夏镇, Ningxia zhen)
  • Garrison of Gansu (甘肃镇, Gansu zhen)
  • Garrison of Ji (蓟镇, Ji zhen ), or Garrison of Jizhou (蓟州镇, Jizhou zhen)
  • Garrison of Taiyuan (太原镇, Taiyuan zhen), Garrison of Shanxi (山西镇, Shanxi zhen), or Garrison of Sanguan (三关镇, Sanguan zhen)
  • Garrison of Guyuan (固原镇, Guyuan zhen), or Garrison of Shaanxi (陕西镇, Shaanxi zhen)

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