Country People's Republic of China
Province Anhui
Prefecture-level city Xuancheng
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Ningguo (simplified Chinese: 宁国市; traditional Chinese: 寧國市; pinyin: Níngguó Shì) is a county-level city in the southeast of Anhui province,People's Republic of China, under the administration of Xuancheng City and bordering Zhejiang province to the south and east. It has a population of 380,000 and an area of 2,447 km2 (945 sq mi).

Ningguo has jurisdiction over eleven towns, seventeen townships, and one ethnic township.

History [ edit ]

Ningguo City is named from "Yi-QianGau" . It is written, "首出庶物,万国咸宁".

Transportation [ edit ]

Rail [ edit ]

Ningguo is served by the Anhui–Jiangxi Railway.

Coordinates: 30°37′36″N118°59′10″E / 30.62667°N 118.98611°E / 30.62667; 118.98611

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