Northern Shaanxi

Shaanbei (simplified Chinese: 陕北; traditional Chinese: 陝北; pinyin: Shǎnběi) is the northern portion of Shaanxi province in Northwest China, and is a natural as well as cultural area, forming part of the Loess Plateau. As it includes Yan'an, it is known as the birthplace of the Chinese Communist revolution.

Geography [ edit ]

Shaanbei is located in the center of the Loess Plateau with a general elevation range of 800 to 1300 metres, occupying approximately 45% of the area of Shaanxi Province. Elevation tends to increase from southeast to northwest. The northern portions degrade into desert, while the southern portions slope down to hills.

Culture [ edit ]

The region is known for its distinctive forms of folk singing.

The predominant language of Shaanbei is Jin Chinese, with the southern areas being a transition zone into Guanzhong dialect.

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

Shaanbei is generally perceived to include all of Yulin and most of Yan'an prefectures, excluding the southern portions.

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Coordinates: 37°24′N109°36′E / 37.4°N 109.6°E / 37.4; 109.6

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