Obelisk Hill, Hong Kong

Obelisk Hill
Obelisk Hill is located in Hong Kong
Obelisk Hill
Obelisk Hill
Location of Obelisk Hill in Hong Kong
Highest point
Elevation 164 m (538 ft)
Coordinates 22°15′N114°13′E / 22.250°N 114.217°E / 22.250; 114.217
Location   Hong Kong

Obelisk Hill (Chinese: 石碑山) is a hill in southern Hong Kong. Canadian troops took positions there in 1941 in preparation for attacks from the Imperial Japanese military.[1]

Geography [ edit ]

Obelisk Hill is 164m in height[2][3] and is close to the Dragon's Back Trail.[4] On its summit, there is a plain monument whose purpose and date of construction remain a mystery. The monument is presumed to have been built prior to 1900.[5]

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