Odo II, Viscount of Porhoët

Odo II, Count of Porhoet (died after 1180) was the son of Geoffroy, Viscount de Porhoët, and his wife Hawise (possibly Fergant). He became Duke of Brittany in 1148 upon his marriage to Bertha, Duchess of Brittany.[1]

On Bertha's death, Odo II denied her son Conan IV of Penthièvre, Duke of Brittany his inheritance.[2] While Odo II's marriage to Bertha was his first, it was her second marriage, her first being to Alain 'le Noir' de Penthièvre, Lord of Richmond (Alan, 1st Earl of Richmond).[1] Odo II allied with his brother-in-law, Hoèl, Count of Nantes. Odo II was deposed by his stepson Conan IV in 1156,[1] and taken prisoner by Conan IV's ally Raoul de Fougères.

He married secondly, in 1167, to Alienor of Leon, daughter of Guihomar IV, Viscount of Léon and his wife Nobilis.[3]

Children: (with Bertha)

Children: (with Alienor of Léon)

  • Harvey of Porhoët
  • Odo III of Porhoët ( died 1231). He was married, but the name of his wife is not known.

Possible child (with Joan/Eleanor)

  • Eleanor, wife of Conan of Penthièvre, de La Roche-Derrien, son of Henry of Penthièvre, Count of Tréguier and Guingamp, and Mathilde de Vendôme.

Notes [ edit ]

  1. ^ Everard states Eudo and Bertha had only one daughter, Adelaide.[5]

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