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People [ edit ]

(Hebrew: חוֹנִיּוֹHonio, also Honiyya or Honiyahu), any of several Jewish high priests at the time of the Second Temple, described by such sources as Josephus:

  • Onias I, son of Jaddua and high priest in the late 4th and early 3rd century BCE
  • Onias II, son of Simon the Just and probably grandson of Onias I, high priest in the early 2nd century BCE
  • Onias III, son of Simon II and high priest in the early 2nd century BCE
  • Onias IV, son of Onias III who was never high priest but built the temple in the Land of Onias
  • Menelaus (High Priest), who according to Josephus was originally called Onias, second successor and murderer of Onias III
  • Onias C. Skinner (1817–1877), American jurist and legislator
  • Onias Mupumha (born 1978), Zimbabwean sculptor

Places [ edit ]

  • The Land of Onias, an area in Ptolemaic Egypt named after Onias IV that was heavily settled by Jews
  • Alpha Onias III, a planet in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Future Imperfect"

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