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Highway 114
Malden Road
     Highway 114      Limited-access      King's Highway      Former highways
Route information
Maintained by Essex County
Length 1.8 km[1] (1.1 mi)
Existed 1925 (as Highway 2)

1954–1970 (as Highway 114)
Major junctions
South end  Highway 3Maidstone
North end Essex County Road 46
Major cities Maidstone
Highway system
Highway 112 Highway 115

King's Highway 114, commonly referred to as Highway 114, was a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario. It was one of the shortest highways ever assigned in the province, at just 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) in length. The highway has been through numerous re-numberings throughout its history, finally being transferred to local authority in mid-1970.

Route description [ edit ]

The former route of Highway 114, now known as Malden Road, is no longer maintained by the province nor by Essex County; it is a local road maintained by the Town of Tecumseh and the Town of Lakeshore. It is a narrow semi-rural township road. Though fully paved and with houses along much of its path, it is relatively lightly travelled. Between Manning Road and County Road 46, it is still signed as "HWY 114", though it was decommissioned in 1970.[2]

The route begins in the south at former Highway 3 (Talbot Road), just north of the current alignment of that highway. It proceeds northeast through Maidstone, flanked by houses on both sides. Approaching Manning Road (Essex County Road 19), the route briefly passes through farmland. Just northeast of the intersection with Manning Road, the route ends at Middle Road (Essex County Road 46), formerly Highway 98. At 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi), it was one of the shortest King's Highways ever assigned by the province.[2][3]

History [ edit ]

Highway 114's routing started off as part of Highway 2. In 1929, there was a great renumbering in the area because the Ambassador Bridge opened. Highway 2 was rerouted along a different path just to the north, along North Talbot Road and Provincial Road (along what would become Highway 98). Malden Road was re-designated as Highway 2A until 1931, when the predecessor to Highway 98 received that numbering, and this road received the designation of Highway 3B (unrelated to Dougall Avenue's designation of 3B). This remained until 1938, when it was re-designated as Highway 98A, a spur of the newly created Highway 98.

By 1954, this road became an independent non-spur road in its own right, and received the numbering of Highway 114. It remained this way until it was deleted in 1970.

To simplify things, the following designations for Highway 114 are listed below:

  • Highway 2 (1925–1929)
  • Highway 2A (1929–1931)
  • Highway 3B (Maidstone) (1931–1938)
  • Highway 98A (Maidstone) (1938–1953)
  • Highway 114 (Maidstone) (1954–1970)

Major intersections [ edit ]

The following table lists the major junctions along Highway 114, as noted by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.[4] The entire route is located in Essex County

Location km[4] mi Destinations Notes
Maidstone 0.0 0.0  County Road 34 (Talbot Road) Routing of Highway 3 in 1970
  1.4 0.87  County Road 19 (Manning Road)
  1.8 1.1  County Road 34 (Middle Road) Highway 98 in 1970
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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