Ontario Highway 503

Kawartha Lakes Road 45 in Norland

Highway 503 was a provincial secondary highway in Ontario, Canada, that existed between 1956 and 1998.[1] Between 1956 and 1963, the highway stretched from Kirkfield to Sebright, and then along the Monck Road from Sebright to Kinmount, entirely within Victoria County. In 1964, the route was extended to Highway 121 in Tory Hill along the route of Highway 500, which was removed from the network. Its total distance of 116.8 kilometres (72.6 mi)[2] was downloaded to the various counties in which it resided. Today the road exists as:

Kawartha Lakes Road 45 [ edit ]

Kawartha Lakes Road 45 (also known as Monck Road) is a municipally-maintained class-3 roadway[3] located in the city of Kawartha Lakes, in the Canadian province of Ontario. The road crosses the entire city from west to east, passing through several unincorporated villages along the way, Sebright, Uphill, Norland, Dongola and Kinmount. The road runs in a predominantly east–west direction and covers a distance of 50.0 kilometres (31.1 mi),[4][5] primarily rural geography.[4] Its western terminus is Kirkfield Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 6), and its eastern terminus is the Bobcaygeon Road.[5]

Prior to 1 January 1998, the Kawartha Lakes Road 45 in its entirety was designated as Secondary Highway 503. Highway 503 was commissioned in 1956,[6] loosely following the Monck Road colonization road.

Major intersections [ edit ]

"A map with various coloured lines representing different types of roadways. In deep-green are provincial highways. In black are other Kawartha Lakes numbered roads. In orange is Kawartha Lakes Road 45. Lakes and rivers are light-blue."
A map of Kawartha Lakes, with route 45 highlighted in orange.

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The following table lists the major junctions along Highway 503, as noted by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.[4] This table is based on 1989 data. 

Division Location km[4] mi Destinations Notes
Kawartha Lakes Sebright 0.0 0.0  Municipal Road 6 Western terminus of Kawartha Lakes Road 45, road continues west as County Road 45
Uphill 15.3 9.5  Municipal Road 35 (Victoria Road) Victoria Road historic colonization trail
25.6 15.9  Municipal Road 41 (Rush Lake Road)
Norland 34.6 21.5  Highway 35
Dongola 39.7 24.7  Municipal Road 42 (Baseline Road)
Kinmount 49.7–


 Municipal Road 121 Concurrent with Municipal Road 121 for 0.2 kilometres.[7] Formerly Highway 121
49.9 31.0  Municipal Road 121 (Lindsay Street) End of concurrency with Kawartha Lakes Road 121
50.0 31.1 Bobcaygeon Road Bobcaygeon historic colonization trail. Eastern terminus of Kawartha Lakes Road 45, road continues east as Peterborough County Road 503
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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