Osmaniye Province

Osmaniye Province

Osmaniye ili
Location of Osmaniye Province in Turkey
Location of Osmaniye Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Mediterranean
Subregion Hatay
 • Electoral district Osmaniye
 • Total 3,767 km2 (1,454 sq mi)
 • Total 534,415
 • Density 140/km2 (370/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0328
Vehicle registration 80

Osmaniye Province (Turkish: Osmaniye ili) is a Turkish province located in southern Turkey. It existed as a province by the name Cebel-i Bereket (meaning "Fertile Mountain") in the early republic until 1933, when it was incorporated into Adana Province. It was made a province again in 1996. It covers an area of 3,767 km2 and has a population of 479,221 (2010 est). The province is situated in Çukurova, a geographical, economical and cultural region.

The capital of the province is Osmaniye (Population: 194,000). The next largest towns are Kadirli (Population: 83,618) and Düziçi (Population: 42,000).

Districts [ edit ]

Osmaniye province is divided into 7 districts (capital district in bold):

Historical sites and ruins [ edit ]

  • Karatepe - Aslantaş (Domuztepe-Pınarözü) - Kadirli/Düziçi
  • In 2018, ancient mosaics were discovered. One of the mosaics show a radish on it. It also has a human figure holding grapes and a partridge in his hand. In addition, it has Greek text. It is believed to date back to 1st century.[2]

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References [ edit ]

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