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Montenegrosovereign country located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southern Europe.[1] It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south and borders Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia and Kosovo to the northeast, Albania to the southeast. Its capital and largest city is Podgorica, while Cetinje is designated as the Prijestonica (meaning the old royal capital or former seat of the throne).

The thousand-year history of the Montenegrin state begins in the 9th century with the emergence of Duklja, a vassal state of Byzantium. In those formative years, Duklja was ruled by the Vojislavljevic dynasty. In 1042, at the end of his 25-year rule, King Vojislav won a decisive battle near Bar against Byzantium, and Duklja became independent. Duklja's power and prosperity reached their zenith under King Vojislav's son, King Mihailo (1046–81), and his son King Bodin (1081–1101).[2] From the 11th century, it started to be referred to as Zeta. It ended with its incorporation into Serbia in the late 1180s. Beginning with the Crnojević dynasty (late 15th century), Upper Zeta was more often referred to as Crna Gora or by the Venetian term monte negro. A sovereign principality[3] since the Late Middle Ages, Montenegro saw its independence from the Ottoman Empire formally recognized in 1878. From 1918, it was a part of various incarnations of Yugoslavia. On the basis of a referendum held on 21 May 2006, Montenegro declared independence on 3 June. On 28 June 2006, it became the 192nd member state of the United Nations,[4] and on 11 May 2007 the 47th member state of the Council of Europe.[5] On 15 December 2008, Montenegro presented its official application to the European Union, with the hopes of gaining EU candidate status by 2009.[6]

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Geography of Montenegro [ edit ]

Geography of Montenegro

 Bosnia and Herzegovina 225 km
 Albania 172 km
 Serbia 124 km
 Kosovo 79 km
 Croatia 25 km

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Regions of Montenegro

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List of ecoregions in Montenegro

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Administrative divisions of Montenegro

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Municipalities of Montenegro

Demography of Montenegro [ edit ]

Demographics of Montenegro

Government and politics of Montenegro [ edit ]

Politics of Montenegro

Branches of the government of Montenegro [ edit ]

Government of Montenegro

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Court system of Montenegro

Foreign relations of Montenegro [ edit ]

Foreign relations of Montenegro

International organization membership [ edit ]

Montenegro is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Montenegro [ edit ]

Law of Montenegro

Military of Montenegro [ edit ]

Military of Montenegro

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Local government in Montenegro

History of Montenegro [ edit ]

History of Montenegro

Culture of Montenegro [ edit ]

Culture of Montenegro

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Sports in Montenegro

Economy and infrastructure of Montenegro [ edit ]

Economy of Montenegro

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Education in Montenegro

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